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Sep. 19, 2017
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46th Le Festival d’Automne à Paris (Paris Autumn Festival) held (Sept. 13 – Dec. 31, 2017)
This comprehensive arts festival is held in Paris, a city renowned as a center of the arts. Held for the 46th time this year, the festival will feature such regulars in the international festival circuit as Romeo Castellucci, Simon McBurney, Boris Charmatz, Tim Etchells, Meg Stuart and Gisèle Vienne, as well as artists invited to make their festival debut this year, including Jonathan Capdeville, Milo Rau and Mohamed El Khatib.
One of the artists to be featured in this year's festival is choreographer Gérôme Bel. Since first participating in the festival in 2004, Bel has continued to be a leader in the performing arts world with revolutionary works. In addition to performances of Gala, Disabled Theater, Cédric Andrieux, Pichet Klunchun and myself, Gérôme Bel and The show must go on, a video showing of Véronique Doisneau. Other featured works of dance will include a work by Gisèle Vienne, added to the Lyon Opera Ballet's repertoire in 2005.
From Japan, Matsuo Suzuki of Otona Keikaku will be participating for the first time with his work, Go-on, as well as Ryoji Ikeda, who will be presenting an installation created with William Forsythe, with whom he has collaborated since the production of Antipodes I/II in 2006, entitled, Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time N˚2. The piece features hundreds of pendulums hung from a ceiling, intended to prompt a rediscovery of spatial perceptions in the audience as they enter the area.

Festival Outline
This comprehensive arts festival is held each autumn in Paris. About a decade after the launch of former long-standing festivals including Festival Sigma of Bordeaux (1965) and the Nancy International Festival, this festival was established in 1972 by Michel Guy, who later became France’s Minister of Culture with the passionate support of President Pompidou. When Guy passed away in 1990, Alain Crombecque assumed leadership of the festival. From 2011, Paris Metropolitan Theatre director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota became the festival’s director. The managing organization is a non-profit organization that receives funding from the French Ministry of Culture and Communications, the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France administrative region and donations from corporations, individuals and its Friends Organization. The five main focuses of the festival are commissioning artists for new works, tie-ups with foreign organizations, presentation of experimental works, seeking out talented new artists in France, and introducing important works from outside the European cultural sphere. Among the Japanese artists who have participated in the festival are Ryoji Ikeda, Oriza Hirata, Toshiki Okada, and Daisuke Miura.
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