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Nov. 20, 2017
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Bangkok Theatre Festival opens (Nov. 2 – 19, 2017)
Started in 2002, this is Thailand’s biggest performing arts festival. The first year it was held through the joint organizing efforts of the community of Bangkok’s Banglampoo district where the main venue, the Santi Chaiprakarn park is located and the Bangkok Theatre Network (a network made up of artists, theatre scholars, drama instructors). The festival’s program presents primarily works by local Thai artists, and it was started with the aim of being a festival to promote the spread of contemporary theatre. In light of the boom in small-theatre productions in recent years, from 2015 the main venue has been switched to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center (BACC). The festival’s artistic director is stage director and actor Nikorn Saetang, while the program director is the playwright and director Supawat Hongsa.
This year’s program features the play Sawan ARCADE by B-Floor Theatre, a leading presence in Thailand’s small-theatre scene, and No Name by the 8 x 8 Theater company, as well as the world premiere of Bangkok Notes by Japan’s Oriza Hirata in collaboration with 20 Thai actors.
Also, during the festival’s run, the Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) is being held concurrently from Nov. 14 to 18. In addition to showcases and workshops, there will be a lecture by the conference chairman of the Sibiu International Theater Festival since 2004, Mr. Octavian Saiu (Bucharest National University of Theatre and Film), and numerous talks on subjects such as “Arts and Culture as Economic Forces,” “Why Festivals?” and “About Festival Production” are planned.

Festival Outline
Started in 2002 as Thailand’s first performing arts festival, it is organized by the Bangkok Theatre Network of theatre makers and educators with the aim of being an ongoing festival supporting and mentoring young artists and educating audience. Since 2004 it has been held every year, presenting numerous works in a variety of spaces ranging from regular theatres to parks and restaurants.
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