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Feb. 21, 2018
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Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 competition choreography award winners chosen
Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 is the annual contemporary dance festival organized for the purpose of nurturing young choreographers and popularizing contemporary dance. The final competition was held this year from February 8 to 11 and the winners were announced on the final day.
In Competition I (Dance Composition Division) the Jury Prize grand prix went to the 2016 Seoul Dance Festival Choreography Prize winner Choi Minsun & Kang Jinan for the piece Complement. In Competition II (New Choreographer Division) the Outstanding New Artist Prize was awarded to Yurino Nagano for Maguro (Tuna).
Also, this year a new Best Dancer Prize was added to the awards and a partnership M-1 Contact Festival Prize (Singapore) was also added. The winners are shown below. For details visit the Yokohama Dance Collection website.
+Competition I (Dance Composition Division)
•Jury Prize: Choi Minsun & Kang Jinan, Complement
•French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers / Sibiu International Theater Festival Prize: Koichiro Tamura, F/BRIDGE
•Encouragement Prize: Lee Kyung-Gu, A broom stuck in a corner
•Best Dancer Prize: Wataru Kitao, 2020
•MASDANZA Prize: Kim Seo Youn, Selfish Answer
•M-1 Contact Festival Prize: Kenji Shinohe, K(-A-)O
(Applicants: 106 groups/individuals from 9 countries / Finalists: 10 groups from 3 countries performed works up to 20 minutes)
+Competition II (New Choreographer Division)
•Outstanding New Artist Prize: Yurino Nagano, Maguro (Tuna)
•Encouragement Prize: Mizuki Taka, Hitogoto
•Best Dancer Prize: Rina Kobayashi, Suppon (Mud turtle)
•Touch Point Arts Foundation Prize: Seina Imaeda, Jibun no Me wo Nametai, to Omotta koto Arimasuka (Have you ever thought you want to lick your eyes?)
(Applicants: 31 groups/individuals / Finalists: 12 groups/individuals performed works of up to 10 minutes)
+Yokohama Dance Collection