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Mar. 22, 2018
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24th OMS Prize awarded to Akira Yamazaki for Melo-Melo Tachi
The final jury session for the “24th OMS Drama Award,” open to playwrights active in the Kansai region of Japan and hosted by Osaka Gas, was held on Dec. 19, 2017 at Osaka Gas Head Office, where Melo-Melo Tachi (Melo-Melo Band) by Akira Yamazaki of the warui-shibai theater company was chosen as Grand Prix winner from among 53 applications. The honorable mention award was given to Kotaro Uematsu’s Gozen 3-ji 59-fun (3:59 AM).
Akira Yamazaki was born in 1982. He is a graduate of the College of Social Sciences at Ritsumeikan University. In 2004 he founded “warui-shibai,” a theater company based in Kyoto, and has since been active as playwright, director and actor. He received an honorable mention award for his Uso Tsuki, Goukyuu at the 17th OMS Drama Awards, and for Dada no Katamari desu (Lump of Failures), he was both nominated as a finalist for the 56th Kishida Kunio Drama Award and awarded the Outstanding Drama prize for the 2011 Satoh Sakichi Awards.
The play is set in a near-future Japan in which a civil war has broken out, where a legendary rock band is portrayed. The play was performed in Osaka and Tokyo in July 2016 with all-original music performed by a live band.
A book containing information about the winning works, the jury comments and the selection process will be published in March 2018. Information about the nine finalist works can be seen on the official website.
+Nominated Finalist Works (in Japanese alphabetical order)
Makoto Ueda Kite Ketsukarubeki Sekai (This New World that Had to Come)
Kotaro Uematsu Gozen 3-ji 59-fun (3:59 AM)
Shoko Okabe Koko mo Dareka no Tabisaki (This Is Also a Destination)
Yu Tanaka Watashi to Honya no Uso (The Lie of the Bookstore and I)
Miyuki Tanase Koreppochi no. (This Little Bit)
Tsuyoshi Tanabe Binetsu Garden (Garden of Low-grade Fever)
Shintaro Murakami   Hai-a-girl (Climb! Girl!)
Akira Yamazaki Melo-Melo Tachi (Melo-Melo Band)
Man Ikuta, Makoto Satoh, Toshiro Suzue, Yumi Suzuki, Eri Watanabe
+OMS Drama Prize Office / Osaka Gas Business Create Co., Ltd. (Japanese)