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Jun. 4, 2018
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World Theatre Festival Shizuoka 2018 held (Apr. 28 – May. 6)
This was the 8th holding of the World Theatre Festival Shizuoka organized by the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) and it featured a lineup of eight new and Japan-premiere works by directors from Japan and abroad.
The SPAC artistic director Satoshi Miyagi directed two works. His acclaimed adaptation of the Indian epic Mahabharata – Nalacharitam was staged this time in the city-center Sumpujo Park. And the new work Ode to Joy (written by So Kitamura) was staged in SPAC’s open-air Theatre UDO.
Among the invited foreign works on the program were Henrik Ipsen’s play about social righteousness, An Enemy of the People, directed by Germany’s Thomas Ostermeier, artistic director of the prestigious Schaubühne theater company in Berlin, in his first visit to Japan in 13 years. France’s distinguished director Claude Régy presented what he has said will be his final work, Dream and Derangement. Also, Norway’s director and choreographer Alan LUCIEN ØYEN directs Simulacrum, performed by the pioneer of Japanese flamenco, Shoji Kojima and Argentina-born contemporary dancer-choreographer Daniel PROIETTO. Other works on the program included an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III for two actors titled Richard III – Loyalty blinds me, which is created by French theater maker Jean Lambert-Wild and others; an autobiographical play by indigenous Australian actor Jack Charles; and an acclaimed play by Mexican director Damian Cervantes staged in a restaurant. All of these are Japan premieres.
The program “Strange Seed,” a free series of street performances in central Shizuoka City, was held simultaneously with the Festival. Eleven groups took part in this program, including mamagoto, SyuonenOujakan, off-Nibrol, Theater Company Kodomokyojin and others. Also held were symposiums, gatherings with the actors and staff at the exchange bar and a tea-picking event.
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