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May. 22, 2018
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New National Theatre, Tokyo 2018/2019 Season Lineup Announced
The New National Theatre Tokyo has announced is 2018/2019 season program. The newly appointed artistic directors are director Eriko Ogawa for the Drama program and conductor Kazushi Ono for the opera program.
As the youngest artistic director in the theater’s history, Eriko Ogawa begins the season with the principles of offering theater for a broad-ranging audience, bringing experimentation and innovation to the theater system and connecting programs horizontally. The new season’s program will include Albert Camus’s The Misunderstanding directed by Bungaku-za’s Kae Inaba, Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land directed by Satoru Jitsunashi, the Japan premiere of Robert Icke’s Oresteia directed by Satoshi Kamimura, and appearing for the first time, Tengai Amano’s company Shonen-oja-kan will present a new work. Ogawa herself will direct David Hare’s Skylight and a new work directed by Moegi Nogi’.
As a project of the Drama department’s new system for experimentation and pioneering new projects, a production of The Seagull will be staged with a cast all chosen through auditions. Also, as the first production of the new long-term Kotsukotsu Project to create new works, a drama reading (performed by Yu Osawa, Satoshi Nishi and Eiji Nishizawa) will be held.
On the Dance program, the ballet lineup of six productions will begin with a new production of Alice in Wonderland created in collaboration with the Australia Ballet company, A production of The Nutcracker with choreography by Wayne Eagling, and a New Year Ballet program with three old and new productions. Also on the program are a production of La Bayadère directed by Asami Maki with revised choreography, a production of Cinderella with choreography by Frederick Ashton, and a production of Aladdin with choreography by David Bintley. For the New Year Ballet program, Megumi Nakamura will choreograph a production of Phoenix, and she will also serve as advisor for the DANCE to the Future 2019 program. Three more works on the dance program will include a new work based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a series project with re-productions of works by pioneers of uniquely Japanese creative dance and a dance performance by Kaiji Moriyama to be enjoyed with children.
For the Opera program, the new artistic director Kazushi Ohno has drawn up a program that emphasizes strengthening the repertoire, beginning a series of works composed by Japanese composers, double bills and new works of Baroque Opera, using popular directors and singers and collaborations with other theaters. Based on these principles, the new season’s program will present four new works. They include a production of The Magic Flute directed by the South African contemporary artist William Kentridge employing video projections; and the world premiere of Shion Monogatari (The Tale of Shion) with music composed by Akira Nishimura and directed by Yoshi Oida with Kazushi Ohno conducting as the first of the series of works by Japanese composers. There will also be a highly anticipated new production of Puccini’s Turandot directed by the artistic director of the Spanish theater-making group La Fura dels Baus, Allex Ollé.
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