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Aug. 6, 2018
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Dance Dance Dance@YOKOHAMA 2018 (Aug. 4 – Sept 30, 2018)
Dance Dance Dance@YOKOHAMA 2018 is the third holding since the inaugural holding in 2012, and this year Lyon Dance Biennale artistic director Dominique Hervieu and Ryohei Kondo of Condors are serving as this festival’s new directors. This cross-genre festival taking the city of Yokohama as its stage presents a program of approximately 200 performances, not only of ballet, contemporary dance, street dance, social dance, cheerleading and traditional Japanese dance but also works that transcend the boundaries of nationality, gender, and whether the people have disabilities or not. Featured in the opening program, the “Yokohama Bayside Ballet,” is an event that takes advantage of the unique Yokohama environment by utilizing an outdoor stage near the harbor.
This year being a year of celebratory events marking the 160th anniversary of the friendship agreement between France and Japan, Hervieu is actively serving as a bridge between the dance festivals of the two sister cities of Lyon and Yokohama. Invited companies and artists include France’s Ballet de Lorraine, leading British choreographer Akram Khan and others, as well as a co-produced program of Japanese and French hip hop artists titled “Triple Bill.” Street dance pioneer Kader Attou and emerging young artist Jann Gallois will each present the world premieres of new works using selected Japanese dancers, and Tokyo Gegegay will participate with a new work (after being created and performed in Yokohama, all of these works will tour to France for performances on the Japonismes 2018 program, the Lyon Dance Biennale and other venues).
Ryohei Kondo presents a “Ryohei Kondo Yokohama Gala” featuring pieces by his company Condors and a work titled “intermezzo – Honki no Hashi Yasume” performed by the artificial-leg dancer Koichi Omae and Motoko Hirayama in outdoor stage performances. Kondo will also direct the open-participation type program “Yokohama Dance Paradise” with performances at various venues around the city. This program will have dance events on weekends during the festival in open spaces like those in front of the stations and in shopping malls, etc., and on the last day of the festival there will be a large-scale event in which all of the dancers and participants spectators will dance an original piece choreographed by Kondo.
There will also be programs aimed at providing dance education the next generation of potential dancers, including the “School of Dance” program in which artists active on the front line of the dance scene go to schools to give dance classes, the “18 Ward Dance Workshops” program for children, a dance troupe based on British-born anime characters “Shaun the Sheep” that visits nursery schools and day-care centers, a high school dance club supporter group and more.
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