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Jul. 17, 2018
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Tomoko Mukaiyama and Un Yamada collaboration GAKA performed in the Netherlands and Japan (June 15 – July 22)
Netherlands-based pianist and artist Tomoko Mukaiyama and Japanese choreographer and dancer Un Yamada have collaborated for the first time to create the new performance work GAKA, which had its world premiere at the outdoor performing arts festival Oerol Festival on the island of Terschelling in northern Netherlands. The premiere performances were held for ten days beginning on June 15 using the borrowed seaside landscape at sunset.
This work takes as its theme artistic styles that have been passed down for centuries in Japan and blends them into a composition of “Music and dance, voice and prayer.” Tomoko Mukaiyama was born and raised in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture has created the work’s concept and does the directing, while Un Yamada did the choreography to create a new style of contemporary work. The music is composed by Ukranian composer Maxim Shalygin and costumes are created by Chinese-born Ting Gong, and the all-female dancers are members of the Co. Un Yamaha and internationally active dancers such as Ema Yuasa and so on.
In July, the Japan premiere of GAKA will be held in the courtyard of The Museum of Art, Kochi with additional local performers, after which it will be performed on the Maehama Shore of Tokyo’s Kozushima island.
+Japan-Netherlands joint production GAKA premiere tour 2018
June 15 (Fri.) – June 24 (Sun.) Oerol Festival (Terschelling, Netherlands)
July 13 (Fri.) – July 14 (Sat.) The Museum of Art, Kochi courtyard, Kochi Prefecture
July 21 (Sat.) – July 22 (Sun.) Kozushima island, Maehama Shore, Tokyo
+Museum of Art, Kochi