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Jul. 17, 2018
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d-soko Theater “Dance ga Mitai!” 20 “With Yameru Maihime Performance” to be held (July 24 – Aug. 5, 2018)
The contemporary dance festival “Dance ga Mitai! (We want to see dance!) is organized by the Tokyo small-theater space d-soko Theater. This festival was launched in 2001 with a concept of a platform to “stimulate dance,” and featuring cross-genre programing of contemporary dance, modern dance and Butoh, it offers a platform for experimental dance by artists ranging from emerging young talents to internationally recognized choreographers and dancers.
The theme for this, the 20th holding of the festival, is the first-generation pioneer of the Butoh movement, Tatsumi Hijikata (1928 – 86). As the main feature of the festival, seven artist groups ranging from young contemporary dance artists to leading figures of the Butoh world will compete with original dance compositions based on Hijikata’s book Yameru Maihime (literally: “Sick dancing girl”) (published by Hakusuisha, 1983). This book, which has been called “Butoh in words,” is known as one written in a very unique style of language that is by no means easy to understand and continues to fascinate and puzzle researchers, critics and Butoh artists. Certainly worthy of note is the approach taken to it by Akira Kasai, who worked together with Hijikata in the founding of the Butoh style.
In addition to the seven works of this series, two winning works from the open call dance competition “New Artist Series 16” will be added to the program to bring the total to nine works.
+Yameru Maihime performers:
Momoko Shiraga-Kankitsu Trio (Jul. 24)
Seina IMAEDA/Suichu-megane∞ (Jul. 25)
Yukio Suzuki (Jul. 26)
Kim Itoh (Jul. 28, 29)
Ikumi Otsuka (Jul. 30)
Ketagoro (Jul. 31)
Ikuyo Kuroda (Aug. 2, 3)
Akira Kasai-Tatsumi Hijikata Genfukei (Aug. 4, 5)
+d-soko Theater