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Nov. 1, 2018
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One of the World’s largest scale performing arts markets, CINARS Montreal opens (Nov. 12 – 17, 2018)
Launched in 1984, CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is an arts market held once every two years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as one of the world’s leading performing arts markets. Over 1550 performing arts professionals from some 40 countries gather at this biennial arts market for networking. During the six-day schedule, some 150 artist groups from Quebec and other parts of Canada and abroad appear for talks, workshops and performances of their works. Many North American artists come here to connect with producers, programmers and curators from around the world to expand their realms of activity to the world markets.
The official program is divided into the five categories of theater, dance, music, multidisciplinary arts and circus, while another feature of the biennale is its full-scale Off-CINARS program (consisting of artists who are not invited for the official program but perform their works as a fringe festival). In order to be performed in the arts market context, most of the performances are limited to shorter works of about 30 minutes.
In addition to the usual program of performances of works by promising young local choreographers like Cas Public, Virpi Pahkinen and others, this year’s program also features a physical theater work by South Korean director Kim Hyun-Tak. Also, attention focuses on the one-man play BOOM by Rick Miller, the rare talent that America’s Entertainment Weekly called “one of the 100 most creative people alive today.” By himself, Miller acts the parts of a variety of figures that have shaped the post-WWII Western world, from Elvis Presley to John F. Kennedy and Janis Joplin to Winston Churchill.
Since at the same time there are events like a music festival and a children’s theater festival taking place around Montreal during the Biennale duration, there is art and entertainment to answer the preferences of all types of visitors.

CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts) is an arts market held once every two years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada primarily for the purpose of promoting Canada's performing arts internationally. Since the first holding in 1984 as the International Conference for the Performing Arts, it has grown into one of the world’s largest scale arts market, attracting about 1,000 performing arts professionals including artists, agents, producers and presenters from dozens of countries around the world. The market consists of its Platform and Forums components. The Platform features about 30 showcases by artists and companies from various countries in dance, theater, music and multi-disciplinary arts and booths and presentations by about 150 organizations. The Forums provide a schedule of seminars and workshops concerning issues such as fund raising and networking as well as exchanges and information sharing between performing arts professionals.