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Feb. 6, 2019
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24th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize Goes to Sakotsu ni Tenshi ga Nemutteiru
For the 24th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize, there were 238 applicants in 2018. Of them 30 were chosen for the second judging, and then six were selected as finalists in the second judging. At the Japan Playwrights Association Conference 2019 in Oita, held for the first time in five years at the J:COM Horuto Hall Oita, on Jan. 26, Sakotsu ni Tenshi ga Nemutteiru (An angel sleeps in the collarbone) by Pinkchiteijin3 was chosen winner of the New Playwright Prize.
Pinkchiteijin3 is the leader and playwright/director of the a theater unit Pinkteijin active in the theater company Chiten of Kyoto. Since 2015, he has also been active with Wakadanna Ieyasu of the unit Kotori ni Kai under the unit name of Momochi no Sekai, and the winning play this time was performed in 2018 by Momochi no Sekai. As a metaphor for “things lost,” it tells a story of the return of a good friend who had gone missing for some time.

Graduated with a degree in Aesthetics and Art Theory from the Department of Cultural Studies of the School of Literature of Doshisha University. At university in 2016, he joined with two other students to form the unit “Pinkchitei” with the “No. 3” as his stage name, and as the unit’s leader he was responsible for writing and directing their plays. Among his representative works are the 2010 play Sono Yubi de (literally: With that Finger, finalist in the 11th AAF Drama Awards), the 2017 play Kuroi Rakuda (literally: Black Camel, finalist for the 23rd Japan Playwrights Association New Artist Award) and the 2018 play Watashi no Hero (literally: My Hero, 6th Sendai Short Drama Grand Prix). (From the Momochi no Sekai website)
Akutamokuta by Morita Shinnosuke (Fukui Pref.)
Hetakuso na Jitachi by Onishi Hiroki (Kanagawa Pref.)
Sakotsu ni Tenshi ga Nemutteiru by Pinkchiteijin3 (Kyoto Pref.)
Homura by Nakamura Nobuaki (Kyoto Pref.)
Retire Men by Shimizu Yayoi (Kyoto Pref.)
Hikari no Nakade Me wo Korasu by Kotaka Tomoko (Kyoto Pref.)
+Jury members
Kawamura Takeshi, Sakate Yoji, Tsukada Norihiko, Tsuchida Hideo, Nagai Ai, Hirata Oriza, Makino Nozomi
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