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Feb. 8, 2020
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TPAM in Yokohama 2020 (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020) opens (Feb. 8 – 16, 2020)
Launched in 1995 as an international platform for professionals involved in the performing arts that started originally in Tokyo, it then moved to Yokohama from 2011 under the name TPAM - International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama. Since one of its founding organizations, the Japan Foundation Asia Center, started its “Bunka no WA Project – Getting to Know Asia” in 2015, the program has concentrated more on the Asian region. By promoting things like collaborative projects between Japan and the countries of Asia, efforts were directed at networking in the region. As of this year, this TPAM Asia Focus has been brought to an end after six years in progress.
Now the platform concentrates on three main programs, the TPAM Direction program, TPAM Exchange program and the TPAM Fringe. For the TPAM Direction program, five directors handle the curation, presenting new works such as Padmini Chettur of Chennai, India with “Philosophical Enactment 1&2”, Indonesia’s Eko Supriyanto work “Ibuibu Belu: Bodied of Borders”, and Thailand’s Pichet Klunchun’s work duet “No. 60”. Also, More Jimin & Akira the Hustler, Pijin Neji & Tetsuya Umeda will present a joint Japan-Korea-Hong Kong production.
In the TPAM Exchange program, there will be a keynote address by Kim Manri, leader of the theater company Taihen, and a large number of programs like a Performing Arts AiR Meeting to think about artist-in-residence programs and their new possibilities, plus and exchange programs and a variety of networking meetings. Also, for the TPAM Fringe program, about 70 programs solicited through open applications will be participating in the Yokohama and Tokyo areas. For details see the official TPAM website.

TPAM - International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020
Dates: Feb. 8 (Sat.) – 16 (Sun.), 2020
Venues: Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT), Kosha33, Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 and 29 other venues
Organizers: International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020 Organizing Committee (Japan Foundation Asia Center, Kanagawa Arts Foundation, PARC – Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication)
+TPAM - International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020