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Feb. 8, 2020
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Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 (Jan. 31 – Feb. 16, 2020)
This year’s Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 marks the 25th holding of this competition dedicated to the purposes of discovering and nurturing young choreographers and popularizing contemporary dance in Japan. Until now, some 400 individual and group choreographers have performed their works in this competition, and some 110 winning individuals/groups have been introduced to the world as a result. For this year’s competition some 226 applications were received from 38 countries and, following the first stage of judging based on video recordings of performances and written applications, 21 finalists were chosen for the performance judging to begin on February 8.
For this year’s Competition I for choreographed works, works by ten individuals/groups from five countries were chosen as finalists from 187 applicants from 38 countries will be performed. For Competition II, competing in the New Choreographer Division open to choreographers under the age of 25, 11 artists/groups were selected as finalists from among 39 applications to have their works performed. See the official website for details about the finalists and the jury members.
In addition to these competitions, there is a rich and varied lineup of programs like one organized in collaboration with overseas festivals adopting the theme of “Cross / Real / Identity,” a program of works by past Yokohama Collection winners of recent years, including a new work by Ikumi Kurosu and his Bushman company titled ZOU made from fume, outdoor dance performances, workshops and exhibitions.
The Opening Program features a world premiere of the international collaborative project “ON VIEW: Panorama” headed by choreographer and video artist Sue Healey with dancers and creative staff members from Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.
This year, the HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform will be held at the same time. This is a collaborative event organized by a three-country network including the Yokohama Collection, Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Festival and Seoul’s SIDance, which rotates between the three cities (Hong Kong in 2017, Seoul in 2018) that comes to Yokohama for the first time. In it, ten dance artists based in East Asia come together to create a new work and perform it. Participating from Japan are Yasutake Shimaji and Roy Tamaki, the winners of the 2015 Encouragement Prize at Yokohama Collection, Kaho Kogure, Midori Kurata, Momoko Shiraga, Masaru Sakai and Yukio Suzuki. There will also be tie-ups with the simultaneously held TPAM - International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama. There will be many opportunities created for more than 100 domestic and overseas dance presenters and East Asia artists and creators to interact.

Yokohama Dance Collection 2020
Dates: Jan. 31 – Feb. 16, 2020 (total of 17 days)
Venues: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 and its outdoor square, Yokohama Nigiwai-za Noge Share (small hall), Zo-no-Hana Terrace
Organizers: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 (Yokohama Arts Foundation)
+Yokohama Dance Collection