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Feb. 13, 2020
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Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 competition choreography award winners chosen
Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 is the annual contemporary dance festival organized for the purpose of nurturing young choreographers and popularizing contemporary dance. The final competition (performance judging) was held this year from February 6 to 9 for the 21 finalists selected from some 226 applicants, and the winners were announced on the final day.
In Competition I (Dance Composition Division) the Jury Prize grand prix went to Ayano Yokoyama for the piece Suiyoubaiou. In Competition II (New Choreographer Division) the Outstanding New Artist Prize was awarded to Roma Hashimoto for Cyclone Chronicle.
The winners are shown below. For details visit the Yokohama Dance Collection website.
From 2009, Yokoyama was active as a leading dancer in the Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS led by KENTARO!!. In 2012 she was a Competition 1 finalist in the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012 as a member of the 3-woman dance unit CRUSH THE TYMKS.
Hashimoto worked in contemporary art before studying the Teshigawara Saburo Dance Method at Tama Arts University and taking up dance. There, she began engaging in interdisciplinary creative work, including direction, choreography, set design, costume design, and art direction. From 2017, she began full-fledged performance activities, and in 2020 (YDC website says 2019), she was awarded the Play Division Grand Prize at the 20th Spiral Independent Creators Festival.

Competition I (Dance Composition Division)
Jury Prize, Porosus Endowment Fund – Camping 2020 Prize:
Ayano Yokoyama for the piece Suiyoubaiou
French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers, FITS Prize:
Osamu Shikichi for happy ice cream
Lin Chin-yu for A Pillow Song
Sibiu International Theatre Prize:
Song Yunjoo for Pillar of Mind
Encouragement Prize:
VONNOS for Vacant Seat, Raul L. Raquitico Jr. for Transacting Comfort
(Applicants: 187 groups/individuals from 38 countries / Finalists: 10 groups from 5 countries performed works up to 20 minutes)
Competition II (New Choreographer Division)
Outstanding New Artist Prize:
Roma Hashimoto for Cyclone Chronicle
Encouragement Prize:
Megumi Yamashita for Some things, Do Not Cross
Best Dancer Prize:
Rio Yamaguchi in Little Love, Kaiya Nishimura in No One Knows Me
(Applicants: 39 groups/individuals / Finalists: 11 groups/individuals performed works of up to 10 minutes)
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