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Mar. 25, 2020
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The 19th (2020) AAF Drama Award winner is Kotaro Ono’s Ne-
The AAF Drama Award was established in 2000 by the Aichi Arts Foundation as a program aimed at exploring what theater can and should be. Plays are solicited openly with the intention of staging performances of them and finalist candidates are selected through primary and secondary judging sessions. For 2020 prize, applicants included 136 works in all, and the open Grand Prize jury session was held on January 5, 2020. The Grand Prize winner was Kotaro Ono’s Ne-, while the Special Prize went to Arata Mino’s Umaku ochiru renshu (Practice in falling well).
Kotaro Ono was born in Fukushima prefecture in 1988. He began writing plays as soon as he entered the Theatre Course of the College of Art of Nihon University in 2008. In 2015, he started his own company signifie, and he has been active as a dramaturg since then. This play Ne- is based on an actual event, the Ikebukuro Aquarias Sleep-induced Rape Incident. Plans now call for this play to be staged at the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Mini theater in 2021 or later in a production by Aichi Prefectural Art Theater.
Also, the winning works and names of the other nominees are posted on Aichi Prefectural Art Theater website (in Japanese only).
+Nominated Works
Ibun, Sisyphus no Shinwa (Strange Rumor, The Myth of Sisyphus) by Misaki Hiraga
Irezumitouta (Tatoo Selection) by Notaki Mare
Umaku ochiru renshu (Practice in falling well) by Arata Mino
Ne- by Kotaro Ono
Momoko Shiraga (director, choreographer, dancer, and leader of Momonga Complex), Kohei Narumi (director, Dainanagekijo representative), Motoi Miura (director, CHITEN representative), Miwa Yanagi (artist)
+19th AAF Drama Award (Japanese only)