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Sep. 29, 2020
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The Local Meeting for the “IETM Multi-location 2020” network to be held in Yokohama (Oct. 1 – 2, 2020)
 Founded in 1981 as a European performing arts network, International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) will be linking its local meetings held in 20 cities around the world by internet in lieu of its annual 2020 Plenary Meeting. The linked meeting, called “IETM Multi-location 2020” will take place on Oct. 1 and 2, 2020. The first of the biannual plenary meetings in Europe for this year that was planned to be held in Tromsø, Norway was changed to an online meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Japan’s IETM member PARC is scheduled to host a Local Meeting in Yokohama at the BankART Temporary venue. The meeting will include a conference titled “A New deal in APAC” to discuss emergency countermeasures for the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to recover from the pandemic’s effects on the performing arts world, and the meeting will feature introductions of projects by the IETM members. In addition to these IETM programs, a panel discussion to deal with future themes for the Japanese local program TPAM Fringe is also planned. For details see the TPAM and IETM official websites.

Dates: Oct. 1 (Thur.) and Oct. 2 (Fri.), 2020
Venue: BankART, Temporary Yokohama Creativecity Center B1-floor 1st Conference Room
*Online participation possible with the exception of some events.

“IETM Multi-location 2020” Yokohama

[IETM Outline]
IETM is a Brussels, Belgium-based international contemporary performing arts network launched in 1981 for the purpose of building an international network. Today IETM boasts a worldwide membership of over 500 festivals, companies, producers, theaters, research institutions, universities, educational institution and individuals involved in performing arts ranging from drama, dance, circus, performance, multidisciplinary live arts, etc. IETM engages in a wide range of programs for purposes such as sharing information on various subjects related to the performing arts, providing environments for collaboration, co-productions and touring of works. It also holds biannual Plenary Meetings in Europe that circulate between the continent’s cities, as well as smaller meetings in all parts of the world.
+International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM)