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Feb. 16, 2021
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Lineup announced for Kyoto Experiment international performing arts festival (Feb. 6 – Mar. 28, 2021)
The program has been announced for the Kyoto Experiment International Performing Arts Festival that runs from February through March of 2021.

This is the first festival to be held since the instatement of the three co-directors Yoko Kawasaki, Yuya Tsukahara and Juliet Reiko Knapp. The program consists of three parts, the “Kansai Studies” program that extends its scope to the entire Kansai region with the aim to redefine the artistic potential of the region and the reality of its local culture. Second is the “Shows” program that includes ten shows created by cutting-edge artists from Japan and abroad. Third is the “Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF]” program that attempts to spark new ideas and dialogues

The “Shows” features the much talked about work Apollon by the Austrian dancer and choreographer Florentina Holzinger, a story about the Apollo and the goddesses that appear in the fa-mous masterwork Apollo by the great 20th-century modern ballet artist George Balan-chine (film presentation). Also featured are the emerging Thai artist Wichaya Artamat’s This Song Father Used to Sing (Three Days in May); a performance titled Freeway Dance by Ayaka Nakama a Japanese dancer who has appeared prominently in works by vari-ous choreographers; an installation and screening titled The Order of Autophagia by Na-tasha Tontey, a recent winner of the Young Artist Award of the Indonesian art fair Art Jog; a music program curated by the internationally active Japanese experimental music artist Seiichi Yamamoto; a performance by Mammalian Diving Reflex led by Canada’s Darren O’Donnell, proponent of Socially Engaged Art known for his participation-type projects held around the world (in his second appear-ance since 2017), and more

The “Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF]” program includes introductions of the game world with its platforms for gaming without leaving the home that precedes the current pandemic-prompted restrictions on going out to meet in public, and other initiatives like the inaugural installment of a talk series that addresses from a broad range of perspectives the question, “What is experimental?”

Due to the presence of programs that will be presented online due to Japan’s second State of Emer-gency declaration, please be sure to check programming details on the festival website.
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