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Feb. 16, 2021
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British theatre company Forced Entertainment broadcasts “COMPLETE WORKS: TABLE TOP SHAKESPEARE: AT HOME” presenting all of Shakespeare’s plays staged for the home kitchen
The British theatre company Forced Entertainment has broadcast online for free its new series of plays “COMPLETE WORKS: TABLE TOP SHAKESPEARE: AT HOME”, in which the Shake-speare plays are performed by the company’s actors using the kitchen tables of their own homes. All 36 works have been broadcast on Forced Entertainment’s official website and on its YouTube channel (broadcast ended Dec. 31, 2020).

Since the company’s “COMPLETE WORKS” concept was launched in 2015, until recently the works had been performed in theatres as well as broadcasting video screenings, but as the COVID-19 pandemic caused theatres to be closed and restrictions prevented people from going out to public plac-es, the company turned to online broadcasts. Although the plays are performed by a single actor at their own kitchen table in a very simple form whereby common household items like carbonated drink bottles or detergent bottles are used to represent the characters in the plays, and though each tape is kept with a length of about one hour, the performances are still enough to convey the essence of the Shakespeare plays.