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Tour A Flight of songs -Europe Tour May 2008 - Ljubljana (Slovenia), Berlin (Germany), Basel, Zurich, Bern (Switzerland) May 19, 2008 May 26, 2008 GMKonzerte Music: Concert tour project of the Swiss Composer Walther Giger with reading of famous Japanese poet Shuntaro Tanikawa and Noriko Kawamura (Violin), Fumio Shirato (contrabass) and Sayuri Aramaki (soprano). Tour in three countries.
Tour Andersens European Tour Edinburgh, Greenock, Leeds, Birmingham, London, Brighton, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow (U.K.), Dublin (Ireland), Stockholm, Gothenburg (Sweden) March 28, 2008 April 16, 2008 Switchico Records Music: A 14-date European tour featuring a band, Andersens from Tokyo. The tour takes place in 12 cities in three countries.
Tour Exchange European Tour, Spring 2008 Cardiff, Manchester (U.K.), Gdansk (Poland), Paris (France) March 26, 2008 April 20, 2008 Chapter(Cardiff) Ltd. Theatre: Tour of new stage performance work Exchange by Tokyo-based theatre group, Yubiwa Hotel to three countries. In Cardiff, the group will spend 7 days to make a collaboration workshop with local performers and artists. The Japan Foundation supports performances in Cardiff, Manchester and Gdansk.
Tour Free Time, Air-Conditioner Brussels (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Milan (Italy) May 17, 2008 June 9, 2008 Kunstenfestivaldesarts Associazione med Theatre: The festival Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Wiener Festwochen presents Toshiki Okada’s new work Free Time.Associazione med presents Air-conditioner in Uovo performing arts festival in Milan.
Tour Ohayô! , Japan! 2008 Leipzig, Dresden, Bochum (Germany),Graz (Austria) July 2008 November 2008 Lindenfels Westflügel Dance: Ohayô!,Japan! 2008, a festival for contemporary Japanese figurative and dance theatre and music presents 8 groups of Japanese danserssuch as Kanazawa-Butohkan, Hyakki Dondorom Gekidan Kaitaisha. More performances at festivals in Dresden and Bochum.
Tour Sonore Komponent Scandinavian Tour 2008 Copenhagem (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway) April 4, 2008 April 6, 2008 Jaapan Sarl (Sonore) Music: Sonore presents for the first time innovative Japanese artists in the range of electronic music and performance, Kazunao Nagata (Organization), Carre,Jon the dog and Busratch to Scandinavian audiences.
Collaboration The Divers London (U.K.) October 2007 July 2008 Soho Theatre Theatre: Creation of a new play by Hideki Noda and Colin Teevan using Tales of the Genji as a basis. Public presentation: London in July 2008 and Tokyo in September 2008.
Collaboration Lady Sarashina Lyon, Paris (France), Edinburgh (U.K.) March 2008 March 2008 Opéra National de Lyon Theatre: Ushio Amagatsu creates a new opera Lady Sarashina as a stage director and a choreographer with a hugarian composer Peter Eötvös. Public presentations at theatres in Lyon, Paris and at Edinburgh International Festival.
Collaboration Toujours plus à l'Est (further more to the East) Angers (France) June, October-December 2008 June, October-December 2009 Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Dance: Buto artists Akira kasai and Ko Murobushi and lead workshops at Centre National de Danse Contemporaine for two months and for three weeks respectively.
Collaboration Zensor Berlin (Germany) April 2008 April 2008 Public Art Lab/weigner et pop GbR Mucic: Media performance artists such as Fuyuki Yamakawa, Takayuki Fujimoto, Naoto Iina and Daito Manabe work with European performing artists through a workshop to lead toward the development of a collaborative work in media technology performance. Public presentations in Berlin.