Project Title
Opening date
Closing date
Host Country
Host City
1 Eastern Asia ASIAN YOUTH ORCHESTRA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN ASIAN YOUTH ORCHESTRA JAPAN OFFICE 2008.8.10 2008.8.13 Japan Tokyo Classical Music Founded in 1987 and now in its 18th holding, this program selects young performers by audition from the various Asian countries, gathers them in Hong Kong for a workshop to form an orchestra that will tour the Asian regions giving performances for one summer.
2 South Asia Japanese Wayang Kulit Seido-Ongyoku X “Arjuna Wiwaha” from Mahabarata Gamelan group Lambangsari 2008.7.15 2008.7.26 Japan Tokyo, Fukuoka, Morioka Folkloric Performing Arts (Indonesian Shadow show) This is a program of performances of the traditional Wayang Kulit shadow puppet theater of central Java, Indonesia. The performances of puppet master Ki Purbo Asmoro are accompanied musically by the Japanese Gamelan group Lambangsari.
3 South Asia Kutiyattam performance in Japan 2008 The executive committee for Kutiyattam performance 2008.7.31 2008.8.19 Japan Fukuoka, Okayama, Kyoto, Odawara, Yamanashi, Tokyo, Yokohama, Aichi Folkloric Performing Arts (Indian Classical play) Performance tour in Japan of two works from “Kutiyattam,” the world’s oldest Sanskrit plays that exist today in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The performances will be part of the “Dance Hakushu 2008” festival and conduct workshops as well.
4 South America Caribbean Beat Festival Isla de Salsa 2008 Non-Profit Organization Tiempo Iberoamericano 2008.8.30 2008.9.2 Japan Fukuoka Music (Pops) To the 12th Caribbean Beat Festival “ISLA DE SALSA 2008” of Latin music, the salsa band La-33 from Columbia and Rene Feller from Brazil have been invited.
5 Africa The Ethiopian Cultural Troupe Japan tour The Ethiopian Association of Japan 2008.5.17 2008.5.26 Japan Yokohama, Mito, Aichi, Kyoto, Okinawa, Tokyo Folkloric Music Musicians and dancers of the Ethiopian National Theatre will perform in the African Festa 2008 and other venues.
6 Africa Tanzania Chibite Dance Troupe Japan Tour 2008 Ethiops Art Japan Committee 2008.11.13 2008.11.27 Japan Kyoto, Itami, Okayama, Uji, Tokyo Folkloric Performing Arts (Tanzanian Traditional Music, Dance) Performances by the traditional music and dance company Tanzania Chibite Dance Troupe. There are also video presentations of Tanzanian culture.
7 Africa Africa Experience Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio 2008.5.20 2008.5.27 Japan Yokohama Contemporary Theater The Rwandan theater company Urwintore performs the play The Investigation based on a novel by Peter Weiss about the Auschwitz Trials.
8 North Africa WORLD BEAT 2008–:Think of One with Marrakech Emballages Ensemble Live in Japan Plankton Co., Ltd 2008.7.5 2008.7.11 Japan Kawachi Nagano, Tokyo, Tsukuba, Shibuya Music (World music) The Belgian and Moroccan musician group Think of One Camping Shaabi is invited to perform at the WORLD BEAT 2008.
9 Central America, North Africa The 24th Tokyo Summer Festival 2008 -Forest Echoes and Desert Voices Arion-Edo Foundation 2008.7.11 2008.7.20 Japan Hachioji, Minato-ku Folkloric Music etc. Performers from the indigenous Tuareg people of the Sahara region and the indigenous Karaja people of Brazil have been invited to give performances of traditional songs and dances along with workshops.
10 Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience 2008 The execution committee of the International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience 2008.7.18 2008.7.29 Japan Okinawa Theater Foreign artists who will appeal to audiences of all ages have been invited to the 4th holding of this festival. The program includes The Stone Prince (Serbia), A Woman’s Reminiscence (Jordan), Waiting–:Playing with Beckett (Syria). The Ramayana (Kecak) and Calonarang (Indonesia).