Project Title
Opening date
Closing date
Host Country
Host City
1 Eastern Asia One Dream-Chinese tour performance by the Japan and China musician NODA Teruyuki 2008.7.24 2008.8.6 China Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shangri-La (Yunnan Province) Music (Shakuhachi, Japanese harp, Orchestral music) Performances of Shakuhachi, Japanese harp and orchestral music by Japanese and Chinese musicians.
2 Eastern Asia The 6th Arts Festival Dimension(Korea) OMURA Tetsuya 2008.5.9 2008.5.12 Korea Seoul Music Performances by flutist Yoshiki Nose and his Ensemble Interactive TOKIO at The 6th Arts Festival Dimension in Seoul, S. Korea.
3 Eastern Asia Magpies Bridge NBA Ballet Company 2008.6.24 2008.7.8 China Fuzhou (Fujian), Beijing Ballet Performances in two Chinese cities of the joint Japan-China production of the ballet The Magpie Bridge that premiered at the Shanghai International Arts Festival in 2007. The Beijing performances will be at the newly completed National Centre for the Performing Arts opera house.
4 Eastern Asia Noism08 “NINA-materialize sacrifice” Korea Tour Niigata City Art & Culture Promotion Foundation 2008.4.23 2008.4.28 Korea Seoul Contemporary Dance The Noism08 production NINA-materialize sacrifice (Director, choreographer: Jo Kanamori) has been invited to perform at South Korea's LG Arts Center.
5 Eastern Asia Otogi no Hitsugi Korea version Tobiraza 2008.5.3 2008.5.16 Korea Inch'on (Kyeonggi Do), Pusan Contemporary Theater The first overseas performances by Tobira-za. The performances were given at the 26th Nationwide Theater Festival in Incheon and the Pusan International Theater Festival. The play was an adaptation of Kensuke Yokouchi’s Otogi no Hitsugi and the production included Korean performers and staff.
6 Eastern Asia Puppet Theatre HITOMI-ZA “the bicycle” in the International Arts Carnival 2008 in Hong Kong Inco-Hitomiza 2008.7.30 2008.8.5 China Hong Kong Puppet Theater Performances at the Hong Kong “International Art Carnival 2008” children’s theater festival. In addition to performances of the silent puppet play the bicycle (original by Edward Gory), workshops will also be given.
7 Southeast Asia Cultural exchange program with Japanese traditional "TAIKO" in Borneo, Malaysia Asia Community Service & Exchange 2008.9.24 2008.10.1 Malaysia Sibu, etc. Traditional Japanese Music (Wadaiko) Performances by the Japanese drum (wadaiko) group Zuihou Daiko in Borneo, Malaysia. Performances will be given at facilities for the mentally handicapped and there will be exchanges with local musicians.
8 Southeast Asia FESTIVAL hue 2008 YAMAMOTO Chikuyu 2008.6.4 2008.6.12 Vietnam Hue Traditional Japanese Music (Tsugaru Shamisen) Tsugaru shamisen performances by Chikuyu Yamamoto. Yamamoto will perform at the FESTIVAL hue 2008 and give workshops. In additional to traditional Tsugaru shamisen repertoire, he will also perform his own composition Festival Suite (“Matsuri Kumikyoku”), etc.
9 Southeast, Asia Concert Tour of Marga Sari in Indonesia Marga Sari 2008.8.21 2008.9.2 Indonesia Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Semarang Contemporary Theater (Gamelan Dance Theater) Performances of the gamelan dance theater work Momotaro (planner/producer: Shin Nakagawa; music supervisor: Makoto Nomura; choreography: Arata Sakuma. Workshops will also be given at the Indonesia Arts University.
10 Southeast Asia “true/Honto no Koto” Asia Tour [true] Planning committee 2008.7.21 2008.8.1 Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta Contemporary Dance Performances of the contemporary dance work true/Honto no Koto by Tsuyoshi Shirai, Takao Kawaguchi (choreography/performer), Takayuki Fujimoto (directing/lighting) and others in Singapore at the invitation of the Esplanade theater, and touring to other countries.
11 Oceania Okinawa Traditional Stage in Adelaide “Michi nu sura” The execution committee of the International Festival OKINAWA for Young Audience 2008.5.9 2008.5.16 Australia Adelaide Youth Theater Young performers will perform the traditional Okinawan Kabuki play Michinu Sora (Director: Megumi Tomita; choreography: Goya Kaname) at the triennial 16th World Children's Theatre Meeting organized by the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ).
12 Oceania World Puppetry Festival Representative of Chiryu Karakuri 2008.4.5 2008.4.10 Australia Perth, Fremantle Local Performing Art (Wind-up doll theater) Participating in the World Puppetry Festival being held in conjunction with the 20th General Meeting of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA). Performances of 17th-18th century Japanese narrative puppet theater using mechanical (wind-up) puppets, presented along with explanatory video.
13 North America Japan-Canada Exchange tour U-Stage 2008.5.16 2008.5.25 Canada Ottawa Street Performance etc. Canada tour of performances by U-Stage of Shichifukujin (The Seven Deities of Good Fortune), shishimai (the Japanese Lion Dance) and performances of “Chindon” (street music parading for the advertisement purpose wearing colorful costume) and Japanese (wadaiko) drum. An event of the 80th anniversary of the Japan-Canada Friendship Treaty.
14 North America Yoko Kimura Koto/shamisen Concert U.S.A. tour KIMURA Yoko 2008.4.11 2008.5.13 U.S.A Fort Wayne, Boston, New York Traditional Japanese Music Tour to three US cities by performers of Yamada school sho/sheng (traditional Japanese wind instrument resembling panpipes) and sangen player Reikano (Yoko) Kimura. There will be joint sessions local professional musicians and workshops. They will participate in the Fort Wayne City Sakura Festival.
15 North America Hachinohe Enburi in Seattle And Federalway Hachinohe Tourism and Convention Association 2008.4.19 2008.4.24 U.S.A Seattle, etc. Regional Performing Art Performances of Hachinohe Emburi, a traditional folk entertainment of the Hachinohe region of Aomori Prefecture the northern prefecture of snow, and is designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset by the Japanese government. Performances will be given at the Seattle Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival and at Hachinohe’s sister city, Federalway.
16 Central America Dance Company BABY-Q “GEEEEEK” in Mexico Dance Company BABY-Q 2008.5.13 2008.5.20 Mexico Mexico City Contemporary Dance Dance Company BABY-Q will participate in the Ollinkan International Festival with a performance of GEEEEEK (Choreography/directing: Yoko Higashino).
17 Central America Kyogen play performance at Ollinkan International World Cultures Festival in Mexico SHIGEYAMA Shime 2008.5.8 2008.5.16 Mexico Mexico City Kyogen Theater Performances of traditional Kyogen theater by Shigeyama Shime at the Ollinkan International World Cultures Festival in Mexico, performing the plays Boshibari and Kakiyamabushi. Workshops will also be given.
18 South America Kyogen Theater, Okinawa Traditional Dance tour in Brazil The Theatrical Engineers Executive Committee 2008.11.5 2008.11.14 Brazil Campinas, Sao Paulo Kyogen Theater, Okinawa Traditional Dance Kyogen theater performances by Mansaku-no-kai and Okinawan dance performances and workshops by Noho Miyagi.
19 South America Sound of Japan - From Traditional to Contemporary KAWAMURA Masako 2008.7.30 2008.8.12 Brazil Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Campinas, Sao Paulo local city Traditional Music (Japanese harp Music) Japanese traditional music performances and workshops in three cities in Brazil with performers on the traditional sho, shakuhachi and sangen instruments.
20 South America Kazufumi MIYAZAWA & GANGA ZUMBA “Brasil-Japan Music Festival” Kazufumi MIYAZAWA & GANGA ZUMBA "BRAZIL-JAPAN MUSIC FESTIVAL" OFFICE 2008.7.16 2008.8.1 Brazil Recife, Curitiba, Santos, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Music Music festivals will be held in five cities in Brazil with Kazufumi Miyazawa & GAMGA ZUMBA performing with local musicians. Official program of the Brasil-Japan Friendship Year. After the conclusion of these festivals, the Brazilian musicians will be invited to perform in Japan.
21 South America Noh Theater-100 Years of Japanese Immigration OKURA Shonosuke 2008.6.27 2008.7.7 Brazil Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Ipatinga, Brasilia Noh Theater Noh theater performances and workshops by Shonosuke Okura (otsutsumi drum) and Masayuki Fujii (Noh actor). The Noh plays to be performed are Maibayashi, Yashima and Funabenkei.
22 South America Apostar no Sonho Ippachi HIGA Kenji 2008.5.18 2008.6.1 Brazil, Peru Sao Paulo, Lima Contemporary Theater Performances of the play Apostar no Sonho Ippachi about the lives of two of the first Japanese immigrants to go to Brazil from Okinawa, Ippachi (Kamata Gibo) and Yamato Kinjo.
23 South America Hibiki Family Special tour in Brazil HIBIKI Akito 2008.5.11 2008.7.30 Brazil Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Guatapara, Maringa, Belo Horizonte Music Performances of dance, song and taiko drum by the Brazilian-born 3rd generation Japanese-Brazilians Akito Hibiki and Kazuma Hibiki. Official program of the Brasil-Japan Friendship Year.
24 South America Ocarina Concert in Ecuador HONYA Micaco 2008.9.16 2008.10.16 Ecuador, Venezuela Quito, Guayaquil, Caracas Music Mikako Honya (ocarina) and Yoshiteru Itoh (guitar) perform their own pieces and locally familiar Japanese music. Performances to be given at Japanese culture festival celebrating the 90th anniversary of the establishment of political relations between Japan and Ecuador and in official events celebrating the 80th anniversary of the start of Japanese immigration to Venezuela.
25 South America Entertainers Without Borders Federative Republic of Brazil Tour Entertainers Without Borders 2008.6.29 2008.7.10 Brazil Londrina, Maringa, Umuarama, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Variety Entertainment Performances of puppet “rakugo” (comedy storytelling), Ongyoku-manzai (the roots of “manzai” standup comedy), “kamikiri,” Nankin Tamasudare (traditional Japanese street performance) and magic shows for Japanese-Brazilian communities and at hospitals and schools.
26 South America Tsugaru Shamisen JOJI JONGARA-ANO DO INTERCAMBIO JAPAO-BRASIL Tsugaru Shamisen Joji Jongara 2008.6.20 2008.6.25 Brazil Sao Paulo Traditional Japanese Music (Tsugaru Shamisen) Performances by the Jongara Tsugaru shamisen group ked by Yoshihiro Kubota.
27 South America Japan-Brazil Immigration:100th Year Anniversary Celebration Akitakata City Kagura Council 2008.6.18 2008.6.25 Brazil Sao Paulo Regional Performing Art (Kagura music and dance) Performance tour by a select group of kagura (ancient Japanese sacred music) musicians from Akitakata city. In addition to performances of Yamata-no-Orochi, Takiyasha-hime and Momijigari, the group will also hold workshops for the players of the Brazil Hiroshima Kagura Preservation Society.
28 South America Manjushaka Performance in Brazil for Exchange between Brazil and Japan INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL ARTS GROUP MANJUSHAKA 2008.5.6 2008.5.22 Brazil Belem, Londrina, Sao Paulo, Sao Jose dos Campos, Campinas, Maringa Regional Performing Art Folk arts performances composed of elements of dance, iwami kagura (acient Japanese sacred music) and sanbaso.
29 Central America, South America “Piano Journey in Japan:100 Years of Japanese Piano Music” “A World Journey on the Keyboard” Junko Ueno Garrett 2008.9.13 2008.10.3 Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lima, San Jose Classical Music Piano performances by Junko Ueno Garrett. Along with explanation about the Japanese reception of Western music, she introduces works by Japanese composers. Workshops are also held.
30 Western Europe The Evening of Japanese Traditional Dance Group Europe Tour The Group of the Evening of Japanese Traditional Dance(JIUTA MAI) 2008.5.10 2008.5.21 Netherlands, Belgium Hague, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Utrecht, etc Traditinal Dance (Jiuta-Mai) Performances of jiutamai (Japanese dance) by Kisho Yoshimura and others. The works to be performed include Utou, Kodojoji, Nagoya obi, etc.
31 Western Europe Anthonello - Heisei Mission to Portugal 2008 Anthonello 2008.7.16 2008.8.1 Portugal Sesimbra, Caldas da Rainha Classical Music (Early Misic) Performances of old music by Yoshimichi Hamada (coronet recorder), Kaori Ishikawa (viola de gamba) and Marie Nishiyama (harp, cello). Performances will be given at the Sesimbra Music Festival and seminars will be given for students at Caldas da Rainha.
32 Western Europe Salle Gavean European Tour KIDO Natsuki 2008.8.21 2008.9.16 Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium Geldern, Amsterdam, Nantes, Gent Music The Salle Gavean ensemble led by Natsuki Kido (guitar) will perform at jazz festivals.
33 Western Europe Glorious Future: A Tour to New Castle in England Glorious Future 2008.5.13 2008.5.19 U.K. Newcastle Contemporary Dance Kim Itoh and others will perform Anata and Ikitamama Shindeiru Hito wa Shindamama Ikiteiru no ka (Dead and Alive) at the Dancing the World Festival.
34 Western Europe ONI-Les grands desirs des dieux DAIMON KAI Centre choregraphigueet theatral Franco-Japanais 2008.11.26 2008.12.11 France Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux Dance Performances of ONI-Les grands desirs des dieux, a work created by Shiro Daimon with Japanese and French musicians and dancers. Performers from Japan include Shonosuke Okura (Noh drum) and Shisui Arai (Satsuma biwa).
35 Western Europe 3 Nights of Takigikyogen mihoproject 2008.9.8 2008.9.18 France Paris Kyogen Theater Kyogen performances by Shigeyama Shime, Akira Shigeyama and others in the Louvre Museum. The plays to be performed as Sanbaso and Oban-to-Hikarukimi.
36 Western Europe Japan-Festival in Munich Nasahara-Bunraku-Za 2008.7.17 2008.7.23 Germany Munich Traditional Japanese Puppet Theater Performances of ningyo joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater with music) at the 12th Japan-Festival in Munich. The work to be performed are Nasaharabunraku (designated an cultural asset by Tochigi Pref.).
37 Western Europe The 150th anniversary estabishment of diplomatic relations between France and Japan KANO NOH Group The Foundation of Roppeita 14th Memorial 2008.6.2 2008.6.10 France Lons-le-Saunier, Digne les Bains, Aix-en-Provence Noh Theater Noh theater performances and workshops by Tanshu Kano and the KANO NOH Group of the Kita school of Noh. The Noh plays to be performed are Hagoromo, Tsuru, Kiyotsune, Nomori and the Kyogen plays will include Kobu-uri. Demonstrations of how the traditional syozoku costumes are worn will also be given.
38 Western Europe Akira Kasai Solo Performance KASAI Akira 2008.6.3 2008.6.9 Italy Rome, Naples Dance (Butoh) Butoh performance by Akira Kasai of a new work snow blue. Workshops will also be held.
39 Western Europe 2008 Pascals Big Pink Tour in Europe rokketo matsu 2008.5.2 2008.5.27 Spain, France Gijon, Quimper, Angouleme, Nancy, Paris, Nanterre, Agen, etc. Music Performances by the acoustic band Pascals. Joint performances and workshops will be given wit a DJ in Agen, France.
40 Western Europe BATIK “SHOKU” Spain Tour BATIK 2008.6.27 2008.7.13 Spain Zaragoza, Madrid, San Sebastian Contemporary Dance Performance by the contemporary dance company BATIK of the work SHOKU (choreography: Ikuyo Kuroda). The performance will be part of the Zaragoza Exposition program.
41 Western Europe KOI NOBORI 2008 Music for Water Concert Water Network 2008.5.19 2008.5.26 France Paris, Dijion, etc. Traditional Japanese Music Performance with traditional Japanese instruments by Akihito Obama (shakuhachi flute), Kou Ishikawa (sho), Keita Kanazashi (taiko drum), Nanae Kumashiro and Migiwa Hashimoto (nijugo-gensou). The performances will be part of the KoïNobori 2008 Music for Water Concert (la fête des enfants du monde 2008) organized by the Centre Culturel Franco Japonais.
42 Western Europe Participation in Kuopio Sound Poetry Seminar and Helsinki Festival ADACHI Tomomi 2008.9.2 2008.9.13 Finland Kuopio, Helsinki Music (Experimental Music) A lecture on experimental poetry and music will be given as part of the program of the Helsinki Festival.
43 Western Europe Tsurutokame with Sakata Akira Italy & Germany Tour SUPERBOY CO.,LTD 2008.6.10 2008.6.18 Italy, Germany Rome, Koln, Dusseldorf Music (Traditional Japanese Music + Jazz) Performances by Katsuaki Sawada (Tsugaru shamisen), Shigeri Kitsu traditional folk song singer) and Akira Sakata (jazz saxophone).
44 Western Europe Gagaku tour in Italy Ichihime Gagaku-kai 2008.10.2 2008.10.11 Italy Firenze, Rome, Ravenna Music (Gagaku) Performances, workshops and demonstrations of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music).
45 Western Europe Meditation on a flower petal falling as a water drop HIGUMA Haruo 2008.5.20 2008.5.28 France Lille Performing Art Performance art by Haruo Higuma and others. The work Rakkasui Shisaku will be performed and workshops given at colleges.
46 Western Europe “It is written there” Brussels tour YAMASHITA Zan 2008.5.7 2008.5.16 Belgium Brussels Contemporary Dance Contemporary dance performances by Zan Yamashita. He will perform o remake of the work It Is Written There at the Kunsten Festival des Arts.
47 Eastern Europe “The Cat Who Ran” Russia-Rostov Youth Theater Version Project for The Cat who ran Non-profit organization Art in Asibina 2008.8.21 2008.10.6 Russia Rostov Youth Theater A Russian-language remake of The Cat Who Ran created through workshops with the Russia-Rostov Youth Theater. It will be performed at this theater’s International Youth Theater Mini-Festival and then become a part of the theater’s repertoire.
48 Eastern Europe Japan Young Generation Week 2008 in Russia Russian Arts 2008.10.20 2008.10.28 Russia Moscow Music etc. A Japan Week is organized with a program including a collaboration between Kabuki actors and a DJ, Japanese traditional music (shakuhachi flute) and Japanese dance.
49 Eastern Europe Eugene Ionesco Biennial International theater festival Theatrical Company Tokyo Kandenchi 2008.5.25 2008.6.1 Moldova Kishinev Contemporary Theater A performance of Jugyo (starring: Akira Emoto) will be held as part of the 8th International Biennale organized by the Eugene Ionesco Theater.
50 Eastern Europe Prague Shakuhachi summer School 2008 SHUTO Kumiko 2008.8.29 2008.9.4 Czecho Prague, East Bohemia Traditional Japanese Theater (Satsuma-Biwa) Satsuma Biwa (lute) player Kumiko Shuto will perform with shakuhachi flute player Kifu Mitsuhashi at the Prague shakuhachi festival organized by the Czeck composer V.Matousek with shakuhachi players active in Europe. They will perform Toru Takemitsu’s November Steps and other pieces. Instruction will also be given at the Prague Conservatory summer school.
51 Eastern Europe SXQ saxquintet Russia Tour MATSUMOTO Kenichi 2008.10.2 2008.10.21 Russia Sankt-Peterburg, Moscow, Magnitogorsk, etc. Music (Jazz) An improvisational jazz ensemble of five sax musicians led by Kenichi Matsumoto will participate in the Russian jazz festivals.
52 Western Europe, Eastern Europe HINOKIYA Europe tour 2008 Hitococochi,inc. 2008.6.14 2008.6.24 Germany, Croatia, France Dusseldorf, Lyon, etc Music A 3-nation European tour by the group HINOKIYA performing world music primarily on Japanese instruments. They will participate in the Dusseldorf Japan Day and the Music Day in Lyon.
53 Western Europe, Eastern Europe France, Poland performance tour Dracinera 2008.7.18 2008.8.7 France, Poland Avignon, Warsaw, etc. Mime Performance The new company led by performance artist Shuji Onodera will perform at the Avignon Theater Festival and the Minsk International Mime and Physical Theater Festival.
54 Western Europe, Eastern Europe HEISEI NAKAMURAZA EUROPE TOUR HEISEI NAKAMURAZA EUROPE TOUR COMMITTEE 2008.5.10 2008.6.4 Germany, Romania Berlin, Sibiu Traditional Japanese Theater (Kabuki) The Kabuki HEISEI NAKAMURAZA performed at the Berlin World House of Culture and the Sibiu International Theater Festival in Romania. The performed is Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami.
55 Western Europe, Eastern Europe GOCOO EUROPE TOUR 2008 GOCOO (Tawoo Company Limited) 2008.7.17 2008.8.9 Slovakia, Germany, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Denmark Munich, Ostersund, etc. Traditional Japanese Music (Wadaiko) The Japanese drum (wadaiko) group GOCOO will tour European festivals including the WOMAD 2008 festival in Wilshire.
56 Africa “Dancing forAIDS Orphans” South Africa tour Dancing forAIDS Orphans 2008.8.26 2008.9.6 South Africa Cape Town, Johannesburg Ballet Ballet charity performances and workshops by multi-national dancers in two South African cities to benefit AIDS orphans. All profits above operating costs will be donated to related organizations.
57 Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Kanazawa Butoh Kan 2008 World Tour Kanazawa Butoh Kan 2008.8.25 2008.10.16 Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, Poland Mexico City, Guatemala City, Leipzig, Dresden, Gdansk, Krakow Dance (Butoh) Butoh performances of Kioku no Umi and workshops. The performances will be part of the Ohayo Japan! 2008 festival and the Gdansk Culture Center Klub ZAK butoh festival.
58 Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America Noh performance tour KAWAMURA Haruhisa 2008.9.18 2008.10.9 Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Toronto, Regina, etc. Noh Theater Noh performances will be given at universities and art museums.