2012 - 2013 schedule of Japan Foundation supported PAJ for Europe programs
Project Title
Project Period
Project Details
Tour Original Cultures presents Kidsuke and guests Bologna (Italy); Munich, Berlin (Germany); (pending venues) Manchester (UK); Nantes (France); Brussels (Belgium) Sep. - Oct. 2012 Original Cultures Original Cultures, a non-profit organisation based in UK and Italy, will present a short tour of Kidsuke; a brand new Japan/UK music collaboration project between Daisuke Tanabe (Japan) and Kidkanevil (UK); two artists who have in recent years made a name for themselves on the electronic music scenes in both Europe and Japan. This tour will include Kidsuke and a Japanese supporting artist and guest - Masami Takahashi aka Jealousguy from Hokkaido - alongside local artists in each of the tour locations.
The tour aims to showcase modern performing artists from Japan and Europe in a new light by not only giving people the opportunity to see the artists perform but also by giving them a chance to meet the artists during seminar sessions and learn more about their backgrounds, cultures and differences in artistic approaches and how collaborative projects such as Kidsuke can happen in today's increasingly global world.
Tour Coriolanus by William Shakespeare adapted by Chiten, presented in Japanese language London (UK) Apr. 23 - Jun. 9, 2012 The Shakespeare Globe Trust Chiten company's presentation to a UK audience will form part of the 'Globe to Globe' Festival, which in turn will be part of the UK Cultural Olympiad. 'Globe to Globe' Festival is celebrating the international nature of Shakespeare on Bankside in London. It will consists of all 37 Shakespeare plays performed twice in a different language. Chiten will perform Coriolanus in Japanese on Shakespeare's Globe stage on 21 and 22 May 2012. Thousands of speakers of languages such as Japanese will attend the performances and enjoy different artistic approacehs to Shakespeare plays.
Tour Joute Angers, Paris (France) Oct. 5 - 20, 2012 Centre National de Danse Contemporaine - Angers Joute is a new production project, a collaboration between the France choreographer and dancer Emmanuelle Huynh and the Japanese choreographer and dancer Akira Kasai. They met in 2007 in Tokyo, then Emmanuelle Huynh invited Akira Kasai to present his solo project Pollen Revolution in Angers in 2009.
Joute is the meeting of two imaginations, two bodies, two cultures. This project aims to create a meeting on stage two different dancers, coming from two different generations, and two very different cultures. It allows audience to see a kind of dialogue through movement, to teach the audience different points of the dance history, from Butoh to modern and contemporary dance; a beautiful meeting between Japan and France.
Tour A Scattered State of Silence Groningen, Tilburg, Rotterdam (Netherlands); Leuven (Belgium); Dusseldorf (Germany); (venues to be confirmed) Gent (Belgium); Aarhus, Copenhagen (Denmark); Hamburg (Germany) Oct. 18 - Nov. 18, 2012 Aphasia v.z.w. This is a new dance performance directed by Belgium based choreographer Ted Stoffer and co-created with seven Japanese artists with the soundscape composed by Johan van Kreij. Influenced by local and global events and two sides of Japanese culture: Zen and the Japanese T.V. games, this production will see the creation of a unique game played by the artists to help examine the main theme of this production: shock and stabilization. The concept of the project is to stimulate shock through the use of a game.
The project will tour at least eight European cities in three countries. It is supported by three production houses, having a montage period and premiere at the Grand Theater Groningen in the Netherlands.
Tour Carry-In-Project Zurich, Luzern, Basel (Switzerland) Aug. 9 - Sep. 10, 2012 Sudpol Luzern Together with a group of architecture students, the two artists Noriyuki Kiguchi and Takuma Ishikawa, will build an object that has to be carried through a venue by the participating audience on the day of the performance - this is when the carry-in-moment is happening. The object is designed to the limits of the size and form of the venue to allow only one possible way to carry it in and out. The Carry-In-Project asks 'who is responsible for the artistic process in performing arts: the artist(s), audience and/or both?' On a second level it deals with the question of the post-industrial society, not only in terms of blurring borders between producers and consumers but also on the level of the material itself (the structure is made from recycled sustainable material).
During a three-day workshop at Sudpol, the artists are joined together by the students to define the concrete material for the three objects as well as the venues. After the workshop, the project will take place at Theatrespektakel in Zurich, at the festival of the Kaserne Basel and at the season opening of Sudpol in Lucerne.
Tour Serata giapponese - Torinodanza Festival 2012 Torino (Italy); Lyon (France) Sep. 25 - 26, 2012 Torinodanza Festival - Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino Torinodanza Festival 2012 is to present for the first time ever in Europe, in an international festival of contemporary dance, an evening with the greatest hip hop groups of the Japanese scene, winners of the famous Dance Delight competition. The Festival will dedicate two nights to the hip hop Japanese project, hosting three groups: Mortal Combat, Repoll:FX and Co-Thkoo+Temporaly, confirming the Festival's important role in the arena of international dance in Europe. The Japanese artists will perform in one of the largest theatres used by the Festival (Fonderie Limone Moncalieri).
Tour SANKAI JUKU - NEW WORK 2012 Lyon, Saint-Etienne (France) Aug. 28 - Sep. 15, 2012 Festival international Lyon-Rhône-Alpes / La biennale de Lyon (danse) The programming of the Biennale de la danse 2012 will focus on Asia and notably Japan. The objective is to encourage dialogue between confirmed artists considered as masters and young emerging and talented artists through residencies of creation and educational mediation actions. Within the framework of the biennale, Sankai Juku will create and premiere its new work in Lyon, followed by performances in Saint-Etienne.
Collaboration "Aomori Project 2013" Cardiff, London (UK) Feb. - Mar., 2013 Chapter (Cardiff) Ltd. Four week collaboration residency (at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff & Greenwich Dance, London) between Welsh choreographer Sioned Huws with dancers Yoshiya Ishikawa, Reina Kimura, the music group Hasegawa Sangen-kai and two UK artists, to develop new work based on previous collaborative exchange developed between Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Greenwich Dance, London and Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre, Aomori during 2008-11. This new work will focus on cross-disciplinary research into sound and movement developed from the cultural forms of the Tsugaru music and dances of north Japan and will explore new working processes, develop new material, including an open workshop element, particularly focusing on composition between the shamisen, minyo song, teodori dance and the making of a new movement language. The project will aim towards a European touring production in 2014.
Collaboration A PAGE OF MADNESS Vienna (Austria) Feb. 1 - Apr. 30, 2013 Ensemble PHACE - Verein Music on line Europe based ensemble PHACE, along with Japanese koto player and sho artist, a new music commissioned to American composer Gene Coleman for the 1926 Japanese silent firm 'A Page of Madness' by Teinosuke Kinugasa. The concept of the project is to create live music for the film combining koto and sho with flute, clarinet and string ensemble. In keeping with the way silent films were presented in Japan, spoken and sung text in Japanese is used as part of the score. This project takes the relationship of the music with the film into entirely new dimensions, breaking away from the clichés often found in the scoreing of silent films. The composer and musicians combine traditional and contemporary sounds, adding layers of texture and timbre that amplify the bold visual language and intense emotional nature of the film. In this work Coleman explores a new space, one in which a language of sound creates a new understanding of this important historical work of art.
Collaboration Shiro Kuro (Working Title) Frankfurt (Germany); Groningen (Netherlands) May. - Oct., 2012 Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation Shiro Kuro is a presentation of the complex relationship between music and dance. In 'Shiro Kuro' the cast - one dancer and one musician (pianist) - are both virtuosos and experienced representatives of these two worlds. They communicate on stage, there is a dialogue, a confrontation and in some cases a battle. using the idea of the chiaroscuro (17th century technique for painting) this performance is an aesthetic experience and journey of the spectator's senses of seeing and hearing. Lighting, video projection and costumes emphasise the darker side of our being and the world we currently live in. The project will commence with residencies in Frankfurt, followed by rehearsals and montage in Groningen and then performances from mid-October 2012 in Japan and the Netherlands, including the Holland Festival.
Collaboration Audition for Life Maribor, Ljubljana (Slovenia); Guimaraes (Portugal); Oerol (Netherlands) Apr. 1, 2012 - Apr. 1, 2013 Bunker, Zavod za organizacijo in izvedbo kulturnih prireditev The performance Audition for Life will be a result of collaboration between the renowned Slovene physical theatre group Betontanc, The Original Tempo dance/music collective from Japan and the Slovenian music group Silence. The partners have already started mutual preparatory work on the project in March 2011 when the Slovenian directors made a first trip in Yokohama and Tokyo to meet the artists of Original Tempo. It was followed by another trip/residence in Osaka to put together the general concept of performance. The mutual wish to work together was followed by a residence of Original Tempo in Ljubljana in July of 2011, where the artists from Betontanc and Original Tempo were able to work together on stage. The process of rehearsals will continue throughout May 2012 at a residency in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The premiere performance is planned for the 8th of June 2012 in Malibor, European Capital of Culture 2012. Other performances follow immediately in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital and also in Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012.
Collaboration MEMORY Madrid (Spain) Apr. 2012 - Dec. 2013 PROVISIONAL DANZA, S.L. This is a proposal full of choreographic movements that bring up the significance of the good and bad experiences held by the memory. After youth, and for most of our lives, human being live out of our memories; the older we get, the more we remember, the more delight we take in our good memories. It is a way of escaping and, sometimes, of surviving. The choreography will be created in Yokohama and Madrid followed by performances in Yokohama, Madrid and Vigo.
This choreography tries to bring together on the stage the talent of the artists from both companies. It is the meeting point for all and each one of the dancers where affinities and will power arise beyond geographic and temporal frontiers in order to realize the unavoidable: the discourse for the dance. Four dancers participate in the play: Masumi Yanase, Shintaro Hirahara, Alejandro Morata, and Carmen Werner. The stage proposal is the result of the acknowledgement of the multiplicity of stage languages and voices that coexist and permeate each other, of the different conceptions, visions, and interpretations that their creators have of reality.