2013 - 2014 List of The Japan Foundation supported Performing Arts Japan (Europe) program
Project Title
Project Period
Project Details
Tour Japanese Experimental Music showcase: Fushitsusha, Otomo Yoshihide and Ryoji Ikeda tour Riga (Latvia), Hague (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany) September-October 2013 Association "Skaņu Mežs" (eng. - Sound Forest) Improvised music events in Latvia, Netherlands and Germany. Each of these events will consist of three concert performances by noise rock group Fushitsusha (with Keiji Haino), improvised electronic music artist Yoshihide Otomo, and digital music artist Ryoji Ikeda.
Tour "BANAGAKU-eyes★Great Operation" by Toco Nikaido Theatre Company Hamburg (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Groningen (The Netherlands) August 10 - 25, 2013 Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik GmbH - International Summer Festival Hamburg Three major European summer festivals joining to invite a young theatre group from Tokyo, Toco Mikaido Theatre Company to present 60-min piece created in 2011.
Tour Klangkosmos NRW: Shunsuke Kimura & Etsuro Ono - Tsugaru-Shamisen und Shinobue Köln, Detmold, Bergkamen, Hamm, Düsseldorf, Wuppertal, Herne, Remscheid, Gelsenkirchen, Sankt Augustin (Germany), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium) May 07 - 27, 2013 Netzwerk "Klangkosmos NRW" c/o alba Kultur Tsugaru-Shamisen duo Shunsuke Kimura & Etsuro Ono are invited to tour 10 cities in the north-Rhine-Westphalia area of Gernamy with international partners in Netherlands and Belgium, in venues specialised in world music. The tour will feature music on Tsugaru-Shamisen and Shinobue in a semi-improvised style from Tohoku.
Tour European tour of "Japanese Piece" (working tittle by Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio, in April and May 2013 Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Essen, Berlin, Erlangen (Germany), Hédé, Gennevilliers (France) April 8 - May 11, 2013 Theatre de Gennevilliers Philippe Quesne / Vivarium Studio will create a new piece in Tokyo with four actresses from Seinendan Company. After the premieres in Tokyo, the piece is invited in several venues in Netherlands, Germany and France.
Tour Reminiscences of Japan and its language (tittle to be confirmed) Paris (France), Berlin (Germany) September 2013 Festival D'Automne à Paris Playwright and theatre director Toshiki Okada is invited to create a new work with his company Chelfitch. The piece will be presented at the Festival d'automne in Paris and tour in Berlin.
Tour Weightless Days Lisbon (Portugal), Paris, Mouans-Sartoux), Gap (France) October - November 2013 Espace de l'Art Concret Started in 2004, Weightless Days is an innovative research-collaboration, between Kyoto-based choreographer/dancers Takeshi Yazaki and Megumi Matsumoto and Paris-based Brazillian artists/graphic designers Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain. The project has developed through cross residency between Japan, France and Brazil. This year, the artists will create a new version in residency in different cities before touring in France and Portugal.
Tour "Three sisters. Android version" City to be determinated (Poland), Barcelona (Spain), Madrid (Spain) June - July 2013 Institut de Cultura de Barcelona Grec Festival in Barcelona invites the latest work from the Robot-Human Theatre Project by playwright/director Oriza Hirata and leading robotics researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro, adaptation of "Three Sisters" by Chekhov.
Tour Die Scheinwerferin Montpellier (France), Lisbon (Portugal), Essen (Germany) May 2013 Al Kantara - Associação Cultural Visual artist and performer Naoko Tanaka is invited to present her solo work "Die Scheinwerferin" in Portugal, France and Germany. The work employs light and shadow to reveal new dimensions of "appearance" and "reality".
Tour Carry-In-Project Ljubljana (Slovenia), Rijeka (Croatia), Utrecht (Netherlands), Schauspielhaus Bochum from Germany April, May 2013 Zavod Exodos Ljubljana Two artists from performance group "Akuma no Shirushi" are invited to present their "Carry-In-Project" in Slovenia, Croatia and the Netherlands. The project involves a group of architecture students in each city to design and build an object that has to be carried through a venue by the participating audience at the day of the performance. Involving audience, the project asks who - in a way that is understandable to everybody - is responsible for the artistic process in performing arts.
Collaboration "Kaip prigyja Sakuros" / "How sakuras get rooted" Kaunas (Lithuania) December 2013 Kauno dramos teatras / State Drama Theatre of Kaunas Kaunas State Drama Theatre in Lithuania will create a new opera featuring the story of a Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara and the historical episode around him. The project, as an oratorio tring to convey the universal message about the humanity by taking this episode as a motif, by the collaboration work with young creative artists fro Japan and Lithuania, will be staged in Kaunas in December 2013.
Collaboration Tinker Bell in Shoji-land London (UK) June 24-30, 2013 The Alternative Theatre Company (Trading as Bush Theatre) Tinker Bell in Shoji-land is a bold new collaboration between Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the Bush Theatre, Marcello Magni and Kathryn Hunter. Written by celebrated artist Hideki Noda the piece challenges contemporary and sweetened views of JM Barrier's character, Tinker Bell. The English version will be created in London and Tokyo with one-week intensive development at the Bush in June 2013. The Japanese version will be developed in Tokyo alongside this.
Collaboration Fukushima Epilog ? Vienna (Austria). May 10 - Jun 16, 2013 Wiener Festwochen GesmbH Wiener Festwochen working together with Japanese artist Akira Takayama to create a Viennese version of his work "Fukushima Epilog ?" based on the text by Nober Prize winner Elfride Jelinek in a tour performance in Vienna. During the preparation and creation of his project, Takayama will work with students from the Vienne Academy of fine Arts who will actively participate in the project.
Collaboration It's not us, it's only glass Rijeka, Zagreb, Split (Croatia) June 2013 - April 2014 Domino Croatia-based art organization DOMINO invites Mikiko Kawamura to work with artist in Croatia on a production of a new work which will be presented as work-in-progress in Zagreb and Rijeka in September 2013. Full production will be presented in April 2013 after several months of preparation.
Collaboration THE ROCK CAVE OF HEAVEN / LA CUEVA DE PIEDRA DEL CIELO Sado Island (Japan), Barcelona, Girona and Mataró (Spain) September - November 2013 Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa S.L. The project is a show structured around the coming together of two dancer-choreographers: Chieko Kojima from Japan and Cesc Gelabert from Spain. The two artists coincide in their wish to re-perform, to keep alive the spiritual dances linked to tradition, Shintoist and Shamanist dances, the Kagura or the Plens of the Patum. A contemporary recreation anchored in traditions.