2014 - 2015 List of The Japan Foundation supported Performing Arts Japan (Europe) program
Project Title
Project Period
Project Details
Tour Aomori, Aomori; Climate, Body and Soul, Cardiff, Harlech, Wrecsam, Caernarfon, Nottingham (UK), Siena (Italy) 6-29 July 2014 Dance4 The Aomori project, creation through a series of workshops and residencies in both Japan and Wales will tour to five venues in the UK and one in Italy. The international cast of ten performers includes three Tsugaru shamisen musiciens, Minyo singer, and Tsugaru teodori (hand dance) dancer from Aomori, North Japan and one Japanese contemporary dancer. There are four further contemporary dancers from Wales and Europe, with the inclusion of local guest performers in each location.
Tour Trienal no Alentejo: the view of Portugal Spain by Tatsumi Orimoto Evora, Lisbon (Portugal), Caceres (Spain) June/July 2014 ASPAS E PARENTESES - ASSOCIAÇAO The ASPAS E PARENTESES is organizing the Trienal in Alentejo which aims to provide Alentejo with an event of global projection through the production and installation of works from contemporary artists with international repute. Japanese contemporary artist Tatsumi Orimoto's seminal perofrmances Granmother's Lunch and Bread Man will take place in Portugal and Spain for an age group of elderly people from several regions, opened also to the local resident population.
Tour Shingo Fujii Japanese Guitarist's Hungarian-Romanian Tour Szeged (Hungary), Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc (Romania) 10 - 20 April 2014 Szó-Tér NGO The international guitar festival in Hungary invite Japanese contemporary guitar player Shingo Fujii to present his music to Hungarian audiences and guitarists. The tour will also include another guitar festival in Romania.
Tour The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka directed and adapted by Oriza Hirata Budapest (Hungaray), Rouen/Poitiers/Comipegne/Arras (France) 5 September - 5 December 2014 Trafó House of Contemporary Arts Budapest Commissioned by the French festival "Automne en Normandie", this new project will be the first production created outside of Japan, and in French, of a play that includes a robot among its actors. Japanese playwright Oriza Hirata chose Kafka's masterpiece "The Metamorphosis" for this project. The co-existence of robots and androids tackles critical questions such as; life and death, the distinction between man and android, the relationship with work.
Tour Box in the Big Trunk Mannheim/Brunswick(Germany), Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland) May - August 2014 Theater der Welt 2014 Four of the most active presenters in Europe in the last years Theater der Welt 2014/Mannheim, Wiener Festwochen, Theaterformen Brunswick and Theater Spektakel join forces to deepen the artistic dialogue with the Japanese contermporary peroforming arts scene by inviting one of the famous contemporary artists from Japan, Kuro Tanino and his group Niwa Gekidan Penino as a typical example for a shogekijo, small-scale contemporary theatre company. His new production Box in the Big Trunk will be presented in European German speaking countries for the first time. Public talk programmes will be offered during their performing period.
Tour Intérieur (Interior) Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) April - May 2014 Wiener Festwochen GmbH The Wiener Festwochen are preseting together with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels the new work of Claude Regy, one of the master of contemporary theatre in Europe. This is the first time Regy worked beside his ensemble but with Japanese actors to recreate Maurice Maeterlinck's "Interior".
Tour Dots and lines, and the cube formed. The many different worlds inside. And light. By mum&gipsy Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Pontedera/Polverigi/Viagrande (Italy), Lille (France) 6 October - 16 November 2014 Fondazione Pontedera Teatro Six European organisations (four major festival and two performing arts centres working on international performing arts) invite the young Japanese theatre company mum&gypsy, directed by Takahiro Fujita to introduce the new trend of Japanese theatre and the unique directing method of the young director/playwright.
Collaboration WalesLab Cardiff (UK) April - August 2014 National Theatre of Wales Waleslab is a unique and innovative initiative for emerging artists placing writers, directors, actors, choreographers, designers, performance artists, installation-makers and multi-media experimenters across the landscape of Wales to develop new ideas. The project involves an invitation to five Japanese artists to engage with the Waleslab. The invited artists will undertake residencies in Wales, focusing on the research and development of a new performance, inspired by Wales and the collaborations formed there.
Collaboration Dance Moves Cities Riga (Latvia), Terni (Italy) 1 August - 1 October 2014 New Theatre Institute of Latvia (NTIL) Dance Move Cities is an international artists project, focusing on the potential of urban spaces to become inspiration sites for contemporary dance creations and international collaboration as a mode of production. The Japanese performing collective contact Gonzo is invited to stay in residency in Riga in August 2014 and in Terni in September 2014. In each city they will work together with a group of local dancers/performers and explore the urban elements, working site-specific in parks, squares, streets and places of social importance for local community (libraries, sports centres, social centres).
Collaboration Carry-in-Project Budapest (Hungary) 13 May - 1 June 2014 Művelődési Szint Kft. Collaboration between Japanese contemporary theatre group Akumanoshirushi and Hungarian musicians. The basic idea of this project is to develop a large object specifically designed for a target building and carry the object into the building in collaboration with local architects with intensive participation of audience. This time the project makes a new step involving Hungarian musicians in order to incorporate musical elements which were used in communal activities in both Japanese and Hugarian traditional cultures.
Collaboration Yume Paris (France) 1 - 30 September 2014 Polychronies Musical and lyric drama after the Noh play <>, story based on an hitstorical event that took place in a 9th century Japan and inspired poets, novelists, playwrights and painters for more than a thousand years. Using both western and Japanese instruments, the music of Japanese composer Kazuko Narita provides a bridge linking the two worlds, both of which possess a complex identity and a deep well of memory.
Collaboration The Complete Manual of Evacuation for the Rhine-Main Region Rhine-Main region around Frankfurt am Main (Germany) April - October 2014 Küenstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main GmbH In coproduction with Port B and other regional partners of the Rhine-Main region in Germany, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm is planning a site-specific project curated by Akira Takayama for the metropolitan region around Frankfurt and its surrounding cities. The project is based on Akira Takayama's "Hinan Manual", developed in 2010 at Festival/Tokyo, with artistic installations, interventions and encounters along the stations in Tokyo.