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Project Title
Project Period
Project Summary
Tour Blocks of Continuality/Movement-Live Cinema New York (NY), Chicago (IL), Tallahassee (FL) Feb. – Mar, 2010 Dansology, Inc. Three-city tour of Blocks of Continuality/Movement-Live Cinema, a dance and new media work by koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO that tells three stories taking place in a world created in a 3D space.
Tour English Rakugo & Hanjotei (Japanese traditional comic story telling & Japanese variety hall) Dallas (TX), Houston (TX), Albuquerque (NM), Denver (CO), New Orleans (LA), Nashville (TN), Greenwich (CT), Philadelphia (PA), Las Vegas (NV), Indianapolis (IN), Des Moines (IA), St. Louis (MO), Washington DC, Toronto (CANADA) Sep. 1– Oct. 30, 2009, Apr, 2010 Japan America Society of Iowa, Inc. Fourteen-city tour of English Rakugo & Hanjotei by a professional Rakugo performer, KATSURA Kaishi, KATSURA Asakichi and etc.
Tour The Manga Project (working title) New York (NY), San Francisco (CA), St. Louis (MO) Dec. 2009, Jan. 10 – 23, 2010 Japan Society, Inc. Three-city tour for the Manga Project (working title) created by choreographer/dancer Jeremy Wade. Mr. Wade will assemble an international team of artists including Japanese manga artist Hiroshi Otsuka.
Tour Michio Ito: East Meets West Salt Lake City (UT), Eugene (OR), Hermiston (OR), Elko (NV), Omak (WA), Moses Lake (WA) Jul. 1, 2009 – Jun. 30, 2010 Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) Six-city tour of Michio Ito: East Meets West, including performances and workshops to impart a great understanding of Michio Ito (1893 - 1961), who consciously sought to create art blending elements of east and west as conceived in his era.
Tour AUTO DA FE Montreal (CANADA), Minneapolis (MN) Feb. – Apr., 2010 Sweet Jane Productions dba International WOW Company Two-city tour of AUTO DA FE, adapted from Masataka Matsuda's play and produced by Josh Fox and his New York based International WOW Company.
Tour AURA-J Tour Honolulu (HI), Maui (HI), College Station (TX) Mar. 1 – 15, 2010 University of Hawaii Foundation (University of Hawaii Music Department) Three-city tour of AURA-J, a professional Japanese instrument ensemble founded by renowned composer, Minoru Miki.
Tour Saburo Teshigawara/KARAS Miroku Minneapolis (MN), Columbus (OH), Ottawa (CANADA) Apr. 12 – May. 2, 2010 Walker Art Center Three-city tour of Miroku by Saburo Teshigawara / KARAS.
Tour Khoomei-Taiko Ensemble Project New York (NY), Stony Brook (NY), Washington DC, Seattle (WA) Sep. – Oct., 2009 World Music Institute (WMI) Four-city tour of Khoomei-Taiko Ensemble Project, designed to be a collaborative partnering of traditional and contemporary Japanese and Mongolian musical forms with artists from Japan, namely Tetsuro Naito (Taiko) and Michiyo Yagi (Koto), Mongolia and the United States.
Collaboration POONARC TOO, not about Romanian Cinema, Pt 2 or POOMARM: THE FINAL CHAPTER (working title) New York (NY), Tokyo (Japan) Oct. 2009 – Jun. 30, 2010 7 Loaves, Inc. AKA GOH PRODUCTIONS The final phase of A PAGE OUT OF ORDER. Sizzle Ohtaka (singer/narrator), Koichi Makigami (composer/vocalist), Ryohei Yokoyama (dancer), Nobuko Higuchi (dancer), Soichiro Migita (sound designer) and Kyoko Hirano (dramaturgy) will join Yoshiko Chuma with the School of Hard Knocks for the production.
Collaboration The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle New York (NY) Jul. 1 – Nov., 2009 Asia Society Asia Society will develop the final stage of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, original interdisciplinary theatre production based on Haruki Murakami's novel of the same name, to premiere under the artistic direction of Stephen Earnhart.
Collaboration (Personal or Visual Aspects of) Fishing New York (NY) Jul. 1 – Dec. 12, 2009 Danspace Project (Kota Yamazaki/Fluid hug-hug) Kota Yamazaki with his company Fluid hug-hug will create a new dance work, in close relation to the interactive environment and visual ideas created by Cecile Pitois from Paris. Amanda Ringger, a lighting designer and Masahiro Sugaya, a composer will join this collaboration as well.
Collaboration Time is not Even, Space is not Empty Tallahassee (FL), New York (NY), Middletown (CT), Minneapolis (MN), Milwaukee (WI) Jul. 1, 2009 – Jun. 30, 2010 Inta, Inc. (Eiko & Koma) Eiko & Koma will collaborate with a number of artists and institutions to create a retrospective of their work. Sam Miller (dramaturgy), William Johnston (historian and photographer), Doryun Chong (curator), David Ferri (lighting) and Shoko Letton (video archive and installation) will join the collaboration team.
Collaboration A Page of Madness Philadelphia (PA) Jul. 2009 – Jun. 2010 International House Philadelphia, Inc. Two musician-composers, Gene Coleman (Philadelphia) and Akikazu Nakamura (Tokyo) will compose a new collaborative work and live score for the Japanese silent film, A page of Madness directed by Teinosuke Kunugasa in 1926.
Collaboration Tyler Tyler New York (NY) Jul. 2009 – Mar. 2010 MAPP International Productions, Inc (Yasuko Yokoshi) A postmodern choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi and master teacher of Kabuki Su-odori dance, Masumi Seyama from Tokyo will collaborate on a creation of a full-evening dance work Tyler Tyler.
Collaboration Kuruma Ningyo in Translation (working title) Hachioji (Japan), New York (NY) Feb. – Apr., 2010 Yara Arts Group New York based director Tom Lee and Japanese traditional puppet artist Koryu Nishikawa V of Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo will collaborate on work of traditional and contemporary puppetry performed by an English-speaking storyteller with a cast of international puppeteers.