2011 -2012 List of the Japan Foundation supported Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) for North America progarm
Grant Category
Project Title
Tour Takeharu Kunimoto and The Last Frontier at JapanFest 2011 and University of Alabama, Birmingham Birmingham, AL
Duluth, GA
September 2011 JapanFest, Inc. Music: Shamisen and Bluegrass performance at JapanFest 2011, which is a two-day event celebrating traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. Additional performance will be at University of Alabama.
Tour Along the Silk Road Vancouver, BC, Canada

Parsippany, NJ
New York, NY
Lafayette, LA
Lake Charles, LA
July 2011 - June 2012 New York Foundation for the Arts Music: The tour of the ancient Japanese harp called Kugo, by Tomoko Sugawara, introducing the Kugo and its repertoire to the US and Canadian public.
Tour The Crazy Cloud Collection Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sheboygan, WI
Santa Monica, CA
San Francisco, CA
March- May 2012 San Francisco International Arts Festival Dance: A North American tour of The Crazy Cloud Collection by Ko Murobushi and the inkBoat ensemble.
Tour Oracle & Enigma American West/Pacific Northwest Tour Denver, CO
Wenatchee, WA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
August 2011 Shunpike Arts Collective for DAIPAN Dance: Katsura Kan's newly developed collaborative work,Oracle & Enigma in Denver, Seattle, Portland.
Tour Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Vancouver, BC, Canada
January 2012 Walker Arts Center Theater: North American tour of chelfitch's award-winning production of Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech, written and directed by Toshiki Okada. The performance will be presented as part of the Walker Arts Center's OUT THERE Festival.
Collaboration Yoshida Tastuya meets Bang on a Can's ASPHALT ORCHESTRA New York, NY July 2011- June 2012 Bang on a Can, Inc. Music: Tatsuya Yoshida will collaborate with Bang on a can's ASPHALT ORCHESTRA to create a new composition.
Collaboration Dawn: Early Music and Early Dance (a collaboration with Kronos Quartet) College Park, MD
San Francisco, CA
July 2011- June 2012 Inta, Inc. Dance: Eiko & Koma will collaborate with Kronos Quartet on a performance work for alternative spaces which viewers are invited to see from multiple perspective. The piece will be half stage work and half living installation in a way that addresses time an.
Collaboration Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Marclay Collaboration New York, NY November - December 2011 Japan Society, Inc. Music: A multifaceted collaboration with experimental musician pioneers Otomo Yoshihide of Japan and Christine Marclay of America.
Collaboration Kammerraku New York, NY July 2011- June 2012 Kyo-Shin-An Arts, Inc. Music: Kyo-Shin-An Arts will collaborate with the renowned Lark Quarte + to create Kammerraku, a classical chamber music program of newly commissioned works for string quartet with Japanese instruments.
Collaboration Harajuku rage Toronto, Cadada
Hamilton, Canada
Ottawa, Canada
July -October 2011 Phyzical Theatre, Across Ocean division Dance: Canadian choreographer/director Maxine Heppner and Japanese dance artist Takako Segawa will collaborate on a new work, that draws from the contemporary harajuku cos-play culture and their managa influence to trace a person's journey from rebellious.
Collaboration Offsite Dance Creation Project Portland, OR
Seattle. WA
July 1-September 31, 2011 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) Dance: Japan-based Offsite Dance will collaborate with two U.S.-based presenters to provide creation resources and residency time to develop a collaboration between Japanese choreographers/dancers Yoko Higashino, Mika Arashiki, Yukio Suzuki, and Mari Fuku.
Collaboration AINU SHADOW PROJECT Toma City, Hokkaido, Japan
San Francisco, CA
September -December 2011 ShadowLight Productions Theatre: A new multidisciplinary shadow theater work created by shadow master Larry Reed and prominent Ainu musician OKI. It will explore the mythology of the Ainu tribe of Hokkaido, Japan, to illuminate the history, the plight, and the power of this lit.
Collaboration (glowing) New York, NY
December 2011 The Field Dance: Kota Yamazaki's new work (glowing), inspired by the famous essay In-ei Reisan written by Junichiro Tanizaki, one of the major writers of modern Japanese literature, in collaboration with an American architect Robert Kocik (set design) and Kathy Kau.