2014 - 2015 List of The Japan Foundation supported Performing Arts Japan (North America) program
Project Title
Tour Canadian Jazz Festival Tour for Shibusa Shirazu Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC; Saskatoon, SK; Toronto, ON; Ottawa, ON; Montreal, QC 2015/6/20-2015/6/30 Coastal Jazz and Blues Society Music: A six-city, high profile Canadian jazz festival tour of Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra.
Tour Naïve Music Tour Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Philadelphia, PA; Brooklyn, NY 2014/9/17-2014/9/25 Issue Project Room, Inc. Music: A four-city U.S. tour of Naïve Music that presents rare and first-time U.S. appearances by Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Che-Shizu, and à qui avec Gabriel – three innovative but under-recognized Japanese artists and ensembles experimenting with folk and pop music traditions.
Tour Miwa Yanagi's Zero Hour - Tokyo Rose, the Last Tape Toronto, ON; New York, NY; Washington, DC; Towson, MD; Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA 2015/1/24-2015/2/28 Japan Society, Inc. Theater: A six-city North American tour of contemporary visual artist Miwa Yanagi’s theater production Zero Hour – Tokyo Rose, the Last Tape.
Tour Strings and Serpents New York, NY; Huntingdon, PA; Indiana, PA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Burlington, VT 2014/10/16-2014/10/29 The California Institute of the Arts Music and Visual Arts: A six-city North American tour of Strings and Serpents, a multi-cultural, multi-layered composition and performance collaboration between two kotoists Ai Kajigano & Tsugumi Yamamoto, two pianists Andy Milne & Benoit Delbecq, and an animator Saki Murotani.
Tour Ryoji Ikeda's superposition New York, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Ann Arbor, MI; Los Angeles, CA 2014/10/17-2014/11/8 University Musical Society Music and Visual Arts: A four-city U.S. tour of superposition by electronic music and digital media artist Ryoji Ikeda.
Collaboration Reconstructing and Creating a new Japanese Silent Film Experience: Benshi, Music, and Film Clinton, NY; Utica, NY 2014/7/1-2015/6/30 Hamilton College Storytelling and Music: A collaboration with benshi-performer Ichiro Kataoka, Japanese traditional instrument ensemble Otowa-za, and Canadian pianist Gabriel Thibaudeau.
Collaboration The Station Project: Seeing and Being Seen Philadelphia, PA 2014/7/1-2015/6/30 Inta, Inc. Dance and Visual Arts: A series of durational performances by dancer-choreographer Eiko Otake in collaboration withand visual arts curator Harry Philbrick, photographer William Johnston, media artist Hana Iverson, and theater artists Ben Grinsberg and Mark McCloughan.
Collaboration East Asian Vibrancy New York, NY; Washington, DC 2014/7/1-2015/3/1 Music From Japan, Inc. Music: A collaborative work between sho-performer Mayumi Miyata and composer Ned Rothenberg in celebration of Music From Japan's 40th Anniversary.
Collaboration Daguerreotype, Mirror with a Memory New York, NY; Tokyo, Osaka, Kamakura, JP 2014/7/1-2015/6/30 7 Loaves, Inc. AKA GOH Productions Dance and Visual Arts: A collaboration with choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, daguerreotypist Takashi Arai and video artist Kit Fitzgerald.
Collaboration OQ Tempe, AZ; New York, NY 2014/8/1-2015/4/30 Performance Zone, Inc. dba The Field Dance: A new dance performance project by choreographer Kota Yamazaki in collaboration with architect collective SO-IL, composer Masahiro Sugaya and lighting designer Kathy Kaufmann.