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Born: 1976
Function: dancer choreographer
Company: BATIK

KURODA Ikuyo began studying classical ballet at the age of 6. After studying contemporary dance at the Laban Center in the United Kingdom, she began performing as a member of ITOH Kim + Glorious Future. In 2002, she founded BATIK, a company made up of 6 female dancers, which performs her own choreography. Winning the National Council prize at the Yokohama Platform of Rencontre Choreographique International du Seine St. Denis (formerly the Bagnolet International Choreography Competition) served as the impetus to put her company on a fulltime basis. KURODA has taken the bold step of basing her choreography on ballet technique while remaining within the expressive range of contemporary dance, and she places great importance on the act of dancing itself. Honors include the 2003 Prize for Excellence at the SPAC Dance Festival sponsored by the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, and the Next Generation Award and the Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Award 2003. She particurated in the Korea-Japan Dance Festival in 2002.

photo by TSUKADA Yoichi
Almost being able to see, but not quite...
Things that can't be captured even when visible...
The crisis of realizing that I'm living with my own face,
Which I myself can't see, barely and publicly exposed...
The legs of the six dancers lined up behind the red curtain.
Mincing steps and fluttering skirts.
The six dancers begin moving in unison, carefully hiding their faces.
All at once they throw off their tucked-up skirts, and their faces, previously hidden, are revealed.