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Born: 1959
Function: dancer stage director choreographer
Company: Fluid hug-hug Co.

YAMAZAKI Kota studied dance with KASAI Akira and classical ballet with the late INOUE Hirofumi before beginning his dance career. Receiving an invitation from Daniel LARRIEU of nouvelle danse fame, he participated in the production of works at the French National Center for Modern Dance. This experience prompted him to become a choreographer. In 1996, he founded the company rosy Co. The company was praised for the finely honed physiques of the dancers, especially that of Yamazaki himself, and for the way they used their bodies in active performances. They often toured overseas but disbanded in 2001. In 2002, he produced and choreographed Ong Keng Sen's Search: Hamlet, which was performed at Denmark's Kronborn Castle. In that same year, he founded a new company, Fluid hug-hug co. In 2003, he went to Senegal, West Africa, with the intention of staying there for a year and choreographing an international project with the dance company JANT-BI, followed by a world tour. He received the Audience Award in the Toyota Choreography Awards 2003.

photo by Arnold Groeschel
White light in the mangrove swamps of the Mekong Basin. The outlines of the bodies become faint, and the boundaries of time and space disappear. The light is virtual light, and it symbolizes this age in which values are inconspicuous and hard to find. Exposed to the unshadowed light of the modern age, the body does not know which way to face.
What will arise from the relationships of that body? We want to discover the answers through unpredictable, incomprehensible movements and uncentered, oblique dance. We are convinced that the community of the future and portents of beauty are to be found here.