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Function: costume designer dancer lighting designer stage director choreographer stage manager

TESHIGAWARA Saburo founded the dance company KARAS together with MIYATA Kei. Since then, he has toured widely, having been invited to perform with KARAS in theaters in major Western cities and at international artistic festivals. He has also been invited to created works for renowned companies such as the Paris Opera Ballet, the Ballet Frankfurt, the Netherlands Dance Theater I, and the Bavarian National Ballet. He has also collaborated with opera producers, film producers, and musicians and has been involved with educational projects for children and youth. His broad range of activities and his sophisticated stage presentations have received high acclaim throughout the world. He has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Second Place at the International Choreographic Competition in Bagnolet and the American Center Special Prize (1986), the Prix de Public at the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse Montreal (Canada 1989, 1991, 1995), and the First and Second Asahi Performing Arts Award.

Photo by Dominik Mentzos
Luminous presents a world in which the interactions of light with a variety of substances gives rise to a beautiful world that resembles a polyhedron. This duet between TESHIGAWARA and the blind dancer Stewart Jackson, a blind youth educated in S.T.E.P. (Saburo Teshigawara Education Project), explores the possibilities of how people perceive the space around them through their sense of sight and hearing and how they create spaces. The corps of female dancers play a role that is both delicate and sturdy. These aspects of the work, along with TESHIGAWARA's tranquil solo, will remain in our memories and be talked about for a long time.
(Received 1st Asahi Performing Arts Award)