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SHIRAI, Tsuyoshi
Born: 1976
Function: dancer stage director choreographer
Company: Study of Live works BANETO

SHIRAI Tsuyoshi began dancing while a student in the Industrial Design Department of the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University. From 1996 to 2000, he danced with the company Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future. In 1996, he also founded the company Study of Life Works BANETO together with the musician AWAZU Yusuke and the dancer MORISHITA Maki. He was involved in choreographing all the company's works. The works created in collaboration with AWAZU's music and video images received particular acclaim. In 2000, Living Room - the room of sand received the Prix d'Auteur de Conceil General de al Seine-Saint-Denis. He has been concentrating on dance and presenting his works at Japanese and international festivals and at theaters in nine countries and twenty cities. In recent years, he has been active in a diverse variety of art work, including creative projects based on artist in residence projects in different parts of Japan and workshops for children held in theaters and elementary schools.

Living Room in SAKIRA/RITTO
This work focuses on being a record that preserves the time, shapes, and scenes that make up "now". Video images documenting the creative process are projected on the stage, showing the scenes with the dancers in rehearsal hall, rice paddies, shrines, and other locations. The dance proceeds with the recorded images in the background. Finally, the scenes shared with the audience and taped on the spot are played back mechanically. This piece was produced and performed through a process in which local residents and artists in the community share in the creative activity.