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Born: 1965
Function: player

In 1986 and 1987, Shinichi Kinoshita successively won the 1st prize at the National Tsugaru Shamisen Competition. In 2000, he received an honor of the 1st grand champion of Tsugaru shamisen at the result of competition among the long line champions. Kazuo Daijo, a renowned authority of Tsugaru shamisen described him as a "genius player never come out for hundreds of years."

He made numerous international performances for over 20 countries. In 2004, he played at MIDEM, Canne, France, as a representative player of Japan, also he played at WOMEX, Essen, Germany, where he was selected in 30 artists from 500 entry groups from all over the world. 'De Volkskrant", one of the leading newspaper in Holland extolled in their article that Kinoshita must create a sensation in the Festival next year." In 2005 he joins to the PALEO Festival in Switzerland. He released 5 albums. At the 3rd album, he created an epoch making music collaborated with Mr. Loby Lakatos, worldwide known Hungarian violinist. Since he started learning Tsugaru shamisen at the age of 10, he has been pursuing possibilities of the music for almost 30 years. He is a leading Tsugaru shamisen player in the music field.

Overseas Performances
The length of the show is 90 minutes.
Part 1: Solo performance of traditional Tsugaru shamisen tunes.
Part 2: Playing his original tunes with other instruments.
As for a combination of the instruments, he offers 4 patterns by request.
1. Japanese drum / Shino-bue (Japanese flute)
2. Japanese drum / Violin
3. Piano / Bass guitar / Drums
4. Piano / Violin / Wood bass guitar / Drums
In a solo part, Kinoshita performs energetic but sensitively, the audience will be impressed with his soulful music. In a collaboration part, he goes after new genre by fusing modern music with Japan's classical Tsugaru shamisen.

Recommended CD/DVD
Passion! (CD)
IOCD-20067, avex io
Played with Masahiko Sato (Pf), Chisako Takashima (Vl), Akira Sakata (as), Yosuke Konuma (g)
Epoch making album, which breaks off the general idea of Tsugaru shamisen with super techniques of Shinichi Kinoshita.

KINOSHITA, Shin'ichi