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KAMEI, Hirotada
Born: 1974
Function: player

Born in Tokyo, 1974. Kamei was born into the Noh music school of Kuzuno Otsuzumi kata. His father was the living treasure Tadao Kamei, a 12th generation Kabuki nagauta accompanist from the Tanaka School \ his mother was Sataro Tanaka. His father began to teach him the otsuzumi at the age of three, and was tutored by the late 8th Kanze Tetsunojo in the recitation of Noh drama and Noh dance. His mother tutored him in the ways of Kabuki accompaniment when he was small. When he was 6, he made his first stage appearance in "Hagoromo." Hirotada Kamei was the youngest performer ever in the history of Noh in all practices. In 1997, his brother, Denzaemon Tanaka, together with Denjiro formed the Noh Kabuki accompanist group, Sankyokai. In 2002, he started the "Hirotada no Kai" in order to continue his studies. He appeared in the Meiji-za Theater sponsored "Young Lions of Traditional Performing Arts" and the Tennozu Isle countdown live, "Den." In 2003, his CD, "Hirotada Kamei," containing the shibyoshi instruments (otsuzumi, kotsuzumi, taiko and fue), won the incentive prize at the 8th Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation Awards. The same year, his self-penned Noh production by Jakucho Setouchi was performed. In 2004, he appeared on the TBS Network's "Jounetsu Tairiku". He collaborates with various people in the performing arts, widening his area of activity. He teaches the otsuzumi in Tokyo, Kiryu and Kyoto. He becomes a lecturer at the National Noh Theatre. He has taken part in many concerts overseas including concerts in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, the U.S. and Russia.

Hirotada Kamei
Overseas Performances
He is able to arrange many forms of programming, from the shibyoshi instruments of otsuzumi, kotsuzumi, taiko and fue, to a theatrical performance with Noh principle, Shite. The heavy reverberations of the otsuzumi echo like a stake being hammered, and the spirited cries of encouragement give the audience an opportunity to enjoy the percussive roots of Japanese music.

Recommended CD/DVD
Hirotada KAMEI (CD)
VZCF-1018, Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
An album featuring shibyoshi instruments. Resounding in its use of instruments and voice. Played with Rokurobyoe Fujita, Yukihiro Isso, Genjiro Okura, Denzaemon Tanaka, Kunikazu Konparu and Denjiro Tanaka.