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Function: player Fue/Hichiriki Vocal Shamisen
Company: AUN


Ryohei (Taiko and Shamisen) and Kohei (Taiko, Shamisen and Shinobue)

Born in 1969, in Osaka, Ryohei and Kohei are identical twins, the youngest two of five children. At the age of eighteen they entered the Ondekoza taiko troupe, and over the next twelve years became two of the troupe's most important members, giving more than one thousand performances both in Japan and in sixteen countries around the world. The wish for something new and exciting led them to leave the troupe in 2000, and the following year saw their debut performance and the release of their first CD titled "D.A.S.H. \ Delight, Anger, Sadness, Happiness." The title track "AUN DASH" was produced by the funky bass player T.M. Stevens and recorded in New York. They formed a group consisting of a shamisen, double-bass and (Western) drum-set, and embarked on their first concert tour in 2002, giving performances in sixty different locations, and in the following year they made their first foreign concert tour, to India and Pakistan. The aim of the group, now renamed AUN, is to show off the beauty of Japanese musical instruments such as taiko, shamisen and shinobue, both in Japan and around the world. In the same year, a DVD recording of an outdoor summer concert was released by Music on TV. The past few years have seen the group create their unique "AUN Sound," a fusion of Japanese musical instruments and digital sound, which was showcased in the Carpediem Concert Tour throughout Japan. With this, they have become the leading Japanese instrument ensemble which is constantly striving towards new and creative sound palettes. Their latest album, titled "E.A.S.T." is due to be released in September 2005.

Overseas Performances
This fusion of Japanese musical instruments and digital sound is a live performance lasting approximately 90-100 minutes, based on contemporary music. Sessions with local musicians and workshops are also possible.

Recommended CD/DVD
E.A.S.T. (Electric/Acoustic/Spiritualised/Transmission) (CD)
The name "EAST" represents Japan and Asia as seen from America, which is where AUN hope to develop their careers. This contemporary sound is a fusion of Japanese taiko and digital sound.

D.A.S.H./MQCP-30001/Maxell E cube/2,700yen (CD)
CARPEDIEM Concert 2003/CSDA-001/MUSIC ON TV/5,040yen (DVD)