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Born: 1956
Function: stage director playwright
Company: U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan

Miyazawa was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. He studied at Tama Art University but dropped out and in the mid-eighties, together with Ito Seiko and Takenaka Naoto, formed the Radical Gajiberibinba System company, writing and directing all the productions. In 1990, he established U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan, which has staged most of his works since then using a different cast of actors each time. Initially Miyazawa's works were comic with absurdist settings and cynical dialogue, but after a two-year break he came back with a strong performance style in Tokyo Body. He currently creates his works through a cumulative process that takes in play-readings, previews, and works in progress. His unique essays on ideas developed from the trivia of daily life are popular, and his novel Search Engine System Crash has also been highly acclaimed with nominations for the Akutagawa and Mishima literary prizes. He won the 1992 Kishida Drama Award for his work Hinemi. Miyazawa has been a visiting professor at Waseda University in Tokyo since 2005.

Photo: Yamazaki Toshio
The play opens in the Satake family’s living room in a town called Hinemi. Kenji has drawn a map of the town on a piece of paper torn from his notebook and shows it to his elder brother Gen’ichiro, who leaves it behind when he goes out. The scene changes to Kenji as an adult visiting the Kurahashi house in S City. He has come here as part of a survey that will enable him to finish a map of the lost town of Hinemi. Kenji tells the granddaughter of the house, who is also called Hinemi, about the legend of the two rocks at the entrance of Hinemi Forest. As he does, buried memories begin to resurface in his mind.

First staged: 1992
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 5 scenes
Cast: 25 (13 male, 8 female, 4 children)
First staged by: U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan
[Translation] English: Half a Century of Japanese Theater II, published by Kinokuniya and available from U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan

Photo: Ariga Ketsu
Nyutaun iriguchi (Entrance to New Town)
The setting is a new housing development on the outskirts of a town, which could be anywhere in Japan. In this immaculate town, newly built and practical, one senses neither darkness nor imbalance. Young couples come to the town to buy houses. They meet people such as the realtors who show them around, town residents who try to impress them with its charms, and brothers who are named after characters in a Greek tragedy. However, the land beneath their feet is replete with history from ancient times and living memories of the forest it once was. After it was dug up for development, those strangely forceful memories reappear as small rocks that begin to affect people's lives.

First staged: 2007
Acts/scenes: 1 act, 26 scenes
Cast: 14 (8 male, 6 female)
First staged by: U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan

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